Another fine day brings another fine game for fans of Windows 8. The casual gaming genre is finally starting to come on its own on the platform, and the past few months have seen several creative titles hit Microsoft’s flagship apps repository.

The Slunchies is another fun and addictive little endless shooting game. While not the most addictive title since Angry Birds, the game offers enough to engage — particularly if you choose to get all the achievements or increase your rank in the included worldwide leaderboards.

Here is a colorful sounding official description:

“The Slunchies were charming little creatures, but… I met a girl… Something went wrong…. And…. But not everything is lost, I formulated an antidote. Shoot your weapon and heal as many Slaunchies as you can… Their future is in your hands”.
Yours Walton.”

The official description is not the only thing that is colorful, though. The graphics ad visuals of the game are pretty well designed. The backgrounds are a tad muted, for contrast with the flamboyant onscreen characters. As far as casual games go, this one is vibrantly lively.

While it works best with a touchscreen, The Slunchies can be played with a keyboard too, if you prefer. The task is simple — healing as many slunchies as possible by either tapping on the screen or pressing the A and L buttons at the same time.

The latest update to this free game fixed some performance issues. It can run on all versions of Windows 8, including Windows RT.

Click here to check out The Slunchies on the Windows Store.

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