Microsoft is busy developing the next version of Kinect for Windows, a much improved variant of the technology, which the company hopes will spawn a new wave of motion controlled PC games and apps.

But a new game founds its way to the Windows Store that uses motion sensing and control with only a regular 2D camera found on most PCs. Top Smash is a fun little tennis game — quite similar to the popular Wii Sports Tennis.

This is not the first Metro app that makes use of motion sensing from a regular camera (or webcam) attached to a computer, but it is pretty much one of the best ones available in the Windows Store.

Here is the official description:

“Prepare for a Top Smash tennis workout! Be the best on the lawn – get your four points to win a game. A full body motion game with your hand as the racket, show your best serve and score points.”

The game can utilize the regular 2D built in cameras that come standard with most laptops and tablets, though it appears that some webcams may be incompatible with the game. The built in Windows Camera app seems to work fine.

Top Smash comes from developer Side-Kick Games and is available for download from the Windows Store for $2.49.

Owing to the graphically intensive nature of the game, the app currently only supports Windows 8 Pro (both x86 and x64 processors) and requires at least 2GB of available memory and 300MB hard disk space to go with a fairly beefy CPU.

Click here to check out Top Smash on the Windows Store.

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