Another popular Windows Phone application marks its arrival on the Windows 8 platform. This time the app that received a port is Volet, a photo application that provides the ability to create photo collages using predefined templates.

The features section of the app explains a bit of the mission statement saying something along the lines of collage your photos, add a filter and affect, and then share it to the world.

Here is the official description, typo and all:

“The all new VOLET for Windows, a very popular photo app from Windows Phone, Volet let you collage your photos and add a filter and effects. Share million words, with many frame to choose from.

You can also share your photos to Facebook instantly within the app. Amazing effects from Aviary, instantly make your photos more amazing. Enjoy the amazing, all new Volet for Windows 8!”

Yeah, I think they used the word amazing one time too many.

Jokes aside, the app is very well designed, and makes good use of the amazing affects library from Aviary (which recent received AMD APU acceleration).

The app gives you a selection of templates from the main welcome screen, whereby you add photos to the predefined positions. A variety of effects that can be applied to photos are also available, along with some basic editing capabilities (think red-eye removal, brightness) and stickers.

Once a collage is created, you get the ability to add a caption, save it on your local device, or share it on Facebook. Yeah, what would the world be without some social sharing? Wait, don’t answer that.

Click here to check out Volet on the Windows Store.

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  • Robert Trance

    There are already some which do these: collage, albums, or even 100s of fun effects, changes….

    • Fahad Ali

      Oh yeah, plenty of Windows 8 photo apps. Same is the case with most mobile platforms. Back in the old days, choices were very limited, at least when it came to consumer photo editing applications.

  • Sam

    Went to windows store. Could not find Volet.

    • Fahad Ali

      I think it may have got something to do with the app not yet available in your local market place. If not, it should soon find its way, I am sure.