News reading apps are all the rage on mobile platforms currently, and Windows 8 already has a few good apps available for this purpose. Now you can add another one to this list.

Weave News Reader is an app that you will love if you have a handful of subscriptions. The UI displays feeds with thumbnail images, title, source and time of publication.

And while these take up a fair amount of space on screen, there is sadly no option to change that to a list of articles. For this reason, unless this changes in a future update, try keeping your subscriptions to under the three figure mar — a count over 100 means you will be cursing the interface.

But the official description promises all the news you want in one app:

“Weave is a news reader that lets you follow any website or blog you are interested in at any time. We provide a huge set of built-in news sources grouped by categories such as technology, world events, gaming, etc. From there, you can search for any other site you want to add.

The first time you open the app, pick from a few of the more popular topics. If you don’t see something you like listed, don’t worry – there are a lot more topics in the browseable library we’ve included with the app!”

Firing up the app takes you to the home page, and articles are presented in a, shall we say classy manner. There are two different article layouts to choose from, by the way.

Plenty of sources are already added in, and more can be included via RSS feed links, website URLs and even chosen topics that can be selected. The app allows the ability to sync accounts and have your news available on multiple devices.

The free app supports all modern versions of Windows including those based on ARM processors.

Click here to check out Weave News Reader on the Windows Store.

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