There is no shortage of file managers on the Windows Store, free and paid. Even Redmond has developed a couple of Metro solutions to manage files stored locally or in the cloud.

But file managers remain a popular selection on Microsoft’s flagship apps repository, and one important reason for their popularity is the unique feature set some of these Modern UI apps offer. Woopiti is one such app that brings together a pretty impressive package for users that store photos online.

Before we get any further, here is the official description in its entirety:

“File manager for the most popular internet sites like Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Sky Drive, Google+ (Picasa), Youtube, Ubuntu One and You can search and visualize all your photos and files in a friendly way, no matter where they are.”

As noted above, Woopiti is a file manager built exclusively for popular Internet destinations and cloud storage services. Images are pulled from several popular sites (along with comments) and displayed in one location. Throw in lightning fast search abilities and you have a winner in front of you.

The free app comes with a completely touch optimized interface. And support for all Windows 8 versions (x86, x64 and ARM) means that it can be easily installed and used on the tablets, including Microsoft’s Surface RT slate.

Click here to check out Woopiti on the Windows Store.

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