App Watch: Word Connection

When it comes to casual new games for the Windows 8 platform, few make a bigger impact than Word Connection. The title recently arrived on the Windows Store, and has impressively raked up a large number of downloads in quick time.

And that is without going into details of the high rating it has received from users.

This free game is inspired by the popular classic game show Chain Reaction. You are given the first word and the last word, and tasked with the goal of figuring out what words connect these two.

Here is the official description:

“Who’s ready for some word association puzzles!? Word Connection plays just like an old game show you may have seen called “Chain Reaction”. You get the first word and the last word for free and your goal is to figure out what words connect those two words.”

The interface of the game is just what you would expect from a title of this sort — bright and bubbly. Blue is the color that reigns supreme here, and the app takes all the right cues from the Metro design philosophy to offer an eye pleasing UI.

Ultimately, it is the gameplay that matters, and Word Connection does not disappoint here. More than a hundred levels of increasing difficulty are on offer in this initial release, with more being added regularly. More importantly though, each puzzle makes you stop and think!

Quality visuals, animations and sound round up the package that is supported on all available versions of Microsoft’s latest platform, including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out Word Connection on the Windows Store.