There are a handful of games that feel completely at home on Microsoft’s brand new platform. One look at WordBattle and it becomes clear that this is one such title, meticulously crafted exclusively for Windows 8.

This word puzzle game allows playing online versus friends and random opponents, while also throwing in an offline mode against a friend on the same device. And if you want to play alone and try to beat the time, this app has also got this covered.

Here is a selection from the lengthy official description that details the gameplay:

“Wordbattle the new Windows 8 exclusive addictive multiplayer word game! Find words by swiping with your finger or mouse button over the letters and score points. You can play alone in a time trial or arcade mode or play turn by turn on 1 machine or online! You can easily find your friends through Microsoft Live ID integration or by using search. You can also play online against random opponents.”

Several languages are supported — English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. As the description states the app uses Microsoft Live ID to manage friends. The user interface is pixel perfect, making crisp use of the Metro design philosophy.

The app receives regular updates, with bug fixes and use interface improvements and gameplay additions. WordBattle supports all versions of Windows 8 (x86, x64 and ARM).

Click here to check out WordBattle in the Windows Store.

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