App Watch: World Clock Time Zones

App Watch: World Clock Time Zones

Now here is an app that almost everyone should have installed on their Windows 8 devices. It is also an example of a Windows 8 app done right. From a simple website to a quality app that offers the same functionality, just in a better package.

Something tells me this is exactly what Microsoft wants to see.

Anyway, the app comes from a popular website that allows users to look up time for different zones around the globe. This Windows 8 Metro application, however, takes it to another level and brings accurate synchronized times right on your Start Screen.

The official description details it best:

“Do you normally check the time for multiple cities around the world? Are you tired of converting the time difference between cities? The World Clock-Time Zones app can help you organize your favorite cities so that you can easily find out the correct local time, as well as get the most relevant time zone information about the city.”

This well designed free app comes with no ads, and makes great use of exclusive Windows 8 features like Snap View and Live Tiles — two of which are currently supported, Wide and Small.

Perhaps equally as impressive as the feature set is the design and UI of the application! It is light and breezy, and allows quick access to services, everything from simple checking of time and date to moon phases, weather and dialing codes.

And support for ARM processor as well as desktop versions of Windows 8 means that this neat little app is equally at home on both desktops and tablets.

Click here to check out World Clock Time Zones on the Windows Store.