App Watch: Xquisite

Let’s talk fashion for the ladies! If you are the type that likes to change your look every now and then, then here is a pretty neat app that can help you in your quest to try out a new look.

Without visiting a salon, of course!

Coming in with a slick name, and a decent UI, this feature rich Windows 8 app allows you to bring in a photo, whether by capturing it with a camera or browsing for one on your device. A bunch of models are also included if you just want to try out something quick.

But before we get to that, here is the official description that explains how it works:

“Trying a new look is no more a game of visiting salons and taking risk on the spot. With Xquisite you have a virtual makeover expert at the distance of just one click. Your PC can serve you as a test site for new and varied hairstyles, coloring, eye color and accessories that you can apply to an actual photograph of yourself.

Xquisite provides you with the best suited solutions according to your facial features and helps you to take a calculated risk before buying a new product or getting a new look.”

The free app provides information about everything from hair style to skin tone, and allows you to test out glasses, hats, lenses, even new hairdos. You get the ability to drag and change position of an item and, obviously, resize it to fit the face.

Once done, makeovers can be easily saved or shared on social sites.

Like all quality apps, this one brings support for all versions of Windows 8 including ARM based ones, making it a perfect option for your Windows RT slate.

Click here to check out Xquisite on the Windows Store.