Apparently the Microsoft Surface was a hit with Wall Street

Microsoft was rewarded by investors today, the day after the unveiling of their Microsoft Surface Tablet.

Microsoft stock was among the most heavily traded stocks on the first day of trading after the product launch.

MSFT closed up 2.88 percent at $30.70.

The gain was double the average of Nasdaq stocks and added about $7 billion to Microsoft’s value.

How did other Tech companies fare today?

  • Nvidia, maker of the Tegra chips used in the Microsoft Surface tablet, jumped nearly 7 percent, closing at $13.23.
  • Apple closed almost flat with a 0.28 percent gain at $587.41.
  • Dell was down 2 percent at $12.18
  • Hewlett-Packard was down 1.14 percent at $20.81.

OEM’s may have some stormy waters to navigate over the next few months.

They’ll have to explain what the impact of Microsoft getting into hardware is and what they plan to do to counter that.

  • Ezekiel Carsella

    $7 billion? I wish I had that kind of money