Apple Blocks The SkyDrive App From Store, Wants 30%

And the war begins.

It has been a while since Apple has locked horns with Microsoft, but the latest leaves skirmish could leave not just the future of SkyDrive on the iOS platform in doubt.

The story goes something like this: SkyDrive users are given a storage limit of 7 GB for free, but those that require more can buy up to 100 GB. The problem arose when Microsoft rolled out an update for SkyDrive users to purchase additional storage space.

From here on, Microsoft was not permitted to update its application on the iOS App Store.

TheNextWeb reports that Apple wants a cut of any and all SkyDrive purchases made from their devices, very much in line with its standard policy. But the problem is that this 30% cut lasts for eternity – Apple wants the cut to continue for the length of the subscription.

This could last several years, and beyond whether the user uses an Apple device or not.

Obviously, this does not sit well with Microsoft, which has been trying to work out a compromise, but Apple is playing hard. Microsoft even offered to remove all subscription options from the app, but Apple is not budging.

Worse yet, Apple also appears to be freezing out third-party developers with have apps that interact with SkyDrive. Several complaints have popped up from small developers that make use of the SkyDrive SDK.

Meaning, unless Microsoft bows down, Apple is more than happy to abuse its power.

Fans of Dropbox may recall a very similar situation earlier this year that its iOS app suffered from. Ultimately, they had to remove all ways for an iOS user to purchase additional storage.

Obviously, Apple is free to run its App Store how it sees fit, but this episode reeks of the various tussles between both companies during the 80s and 90s.

One that could set a disturbing precedent for millions of iOS users.

  • DCJason

    As if I didn’t need another reason why to avoid Apple. But now I can give another reason to my friends with iToys(who like SkyDrive) to switch to Windows Phone 8

  • Rodney Longoria

    If I were Microsoft, I’d remove all subscription options and then tell Apple to go ahead and take 30% of nothing.