Apple has engineers and sales people at CES 2012

Apple has engineers and sales people at CES 2012

So here’s something that’s real interesting.

Apple is not showing any products at CES 2012 but I know for a FACT that they have employees at the show.

I was hanging out in the Press Lounge (next to the main press room yesterday) and was approached by a guy with a curiously vague badge.

You see at CES, every member of the press has a badge like this:

Badge CES 2012

Badge CES 2012

This guy though had a badge that just had “engineer” on it when he came over and introduced himself.

When I asked who he was with he just smiled and said “Apple”.

I told him I thought it was funny that his badge wasn’t a little more explicit and he just smiled.

We had an interesting conversation for 15 minutes and then parted ways.

I’ll talk a little bit more about the conversation later but for now, it’s interesting to know that Apple has their feelers out at CES 2012.

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