Apple has engineers and sales people at CES 2012

So here’s something that’s real interesting.

Apple is not showing any products at CES 2012 but I know for a FACT that they have employees at the show.

I was hanging out in the Press Lounge (next to the main press room yesterday) and was approached by a guy with a curiously vague badge.

You see at CES, every member of the press has a badge like this:

Badge CES 2012

Badge CES 2012

This guy though had a badge that just had “engineer” on it when he came over and introduced himself.

When I asked who he was with he just smiled and said “Apple”.

I told him I thought it was funny that his badge wasn’t a little more explicit and he just smiled.

We had an interesting conversation for 15 minutes and then parted ways.

I’ll talk a little bit more about the conversation later but for now, it’s interesting to know that Apple has their feelers out at CES 2012.