Apple Iphone 4s – 3 days, 4 million units sold

Hard to spin these numbers any other way – Massive success.

Cell phone juggernaut Apple announced sales of its iPhone 4S have topped 4 million since the device made its global debut last Friday.

The tally is more than double that of the iPhone 4 during its first three days of availability, says Apple marketing vice president Philip Schiller in a statement.

The iPhone 4S is the first product launched by Apple since the death of its CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs.

As this Associated Press story notes, the iPhone 4S launch turned into a memorial of sorts for Jobs, with many joking that 4S stood “for Steve.”

In addition, more than 20 million have signed up for Apple’s free iCloud service, a way for users to wirelessly store content in the cloud to push to all devices.

The iPhone 4S represents at best a subtle upgrade for the smartphone series, adding a better camera, faster processor and Siri voice assistant.

It’s a stinging rebuke to those who continue to insist that the days of the Iphone are over and Windows Phone is poised for more success.

The Windows Phone team would do well to try and replicate some of the elements of the Apple operating system that have made this success possible.


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