Now this is something that may very well unsettle a lot of iOS users. Insider sources have tested the upcoming iOS 7 claim that some radical changes are in order for Apple’s mobile operating system.

The interface is said to be — wait for it — as flat as Metro in Windows Phone.

Talking to 9to5mac, one source said that the new version of iOS that is set to be unveiled at WWDC in June is very, very flat. Additionally, it is said to be potentially unsettling for longtime fans of the platform.

Another person in on the matter says that the interface loses all signs of gloss and shine seen across the current and past versions of the operating system.

According to the sources above, customers will not find iOS 7 difficult to use, but it is noted that while the software looks different, its core services still operate the way in which they do currently.

While this is all chatter for now, reliable chatter at that, we will know the complete details when Apple debuts the new version at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference on June 10.

If this holds true, we can probably say goodbye to icons — and thank Microsoft for it.

Microsoft’s design philosophy for its latest operating systems (Windows Phone and Windows 8) have been well-received by the general audience. Both platforms do away with the glossy effects in favor for an improved user experience.

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  • John

    And apple says Samsung compies them.

  • WillyThePooh

    Interesting development when people expressed that they don’t like flat tiles in windows 8.

  • Tyler

    Anyone else think apple is about to get beat up by microsoft? I do.

  • Ross Alexander

    I can see that it will be a flat design, I don’t think it will be Modern UI like though, after all the design principals for Modern UI go way beyond flat tile icons. Google etc already have flat designs and yet it is distinctly different to Win8Win Phone 8. No doubt that MS was ahead in design though, compared to Apple at least anyway. Will be insteresting to see the final product, Surely it will hit Apple negatively.

  • brantley weeks

    I find this extremely funny. I have a friend who has been wanting the metro UI style on their phone. He jail broke it to get a windows 8 style on it, loves it.

  • mayur

    MS is doing improvements like anything
    It is on the way to beat droid nd ios