Predictable. Expected. And welcome. Microsoft created a few ripples in the tablet scene a couple of years back when it debuted its Surface line of devices with a number of exclusive features.

Exclusive, and innovative features.

Prime among them was the split-screen multitasking ability that allows the running of two or more applications at the same time. And Redmond have boasted about this feature on pretty much every occasion, going so far out to blast other competing devices for the lack of such abilities.

But according to this report, Microsoft might not have this advantage against the iPad, as Apple is planning a similar functionality for the next version of iOS for its tablet.

Apple, it is being said, will add this split-screen multitasking to iOS 8 for iPad, which will allow users to run and interact with two apps at the same time — very much similar to the Snap View in Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Additionally, this upcoming version of iOS will also allow split-screen apps to interact with each other much more easily, including the ability to easily drag content from one application to another.

What is not known at this time is whether this functionality will make its way the iPad Mini with its somewhat small 7.9-inch display. The regular 9.7-inch iPad, on the other hand, is a done deal, though.

It also begs the question what Tim Cook thinks of the Surface tablets now, after the Apple CEO famously quipped that Microsoft is trying to make a tablet that was essentially a PC.

Thoughts, people?

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  • Mike Greenway

    What I want to hear is how apple spins this innovation.

  • Robert Kegel

    apple again copying Microsoft….well Samsung copied Microsoft on this too. they really need to make something unique, something which apple really has a problem with.

    • Kelsy Martin

      It’s funny how that works. Usually the one who makes an improved version after the innovator gets credit for the innovation. Too funny. Although I’m sure the REAL innovators aren’t laughing at that.

      • Robert Kegel

        I doubt they are. apple is becoming the xerox machine of technology.

  • John Howe

    Unfortunately, I don’t think Microsoft makes it clear enough to the general public that they created this feature. Apple markets innovation, even when their products aren’t innovative. Microsoft needs to do a better job at that.

  • Ray C

    Microsoft should have patented this feature. I’m sure there was a way to do it. Let Apple feel the sting of being accused of copying for a change. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

    • Randy A

      They should have, but they apparently patented the smartwatch and that didn’t stop samsung from making one and releasing it before them, so it may not have done much.

  • Aaron

    Windows 7 already has Snap View …