Another feature inspired by the Apple ecosystem may be coming to Windows 10. Looks like Microsoft will update its OS with True Tone functionality, which is available on iPhone and other iOS powered devices.

According to the information provided, the operating system will adjust the colors of your screen based on the lighting of the environment you are in.

This is exactly how True Tone works on Apple devices — mainly the newer flagship ones like the iPad Pro, iPhone X and the 2018 MacBook Pro. There it uses four-channel sensors to measure ambient light and detect changes.

For example, changes caused by moving from one room to another or by turning on the light.

True Tone then automatically adjusts brightness to match the environment changes, and then tunes the white balance to align with the settings. This transition from one color scheme to another is more or less seamless.

And one can expect it to work similarly on Windows 10.

That said, this feature means nothing for existing users, as you can imagine.

It would require dedicated sensors to track the ambient light and detect any changes in the environment to adjust the white balance on screens. Newer Windows 10 hardware that makes its way to store shelves in 2019 in all probability will.

Still, not a bad feature to have.

Perhaps it would inspire Microsoft to borrow more ideas from its fruity rival, including support for 120Hz displays on Surface and other Windows hardware.

One can dream.

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