It wasn’t clear to me how this was going to play out for quite a while.

Yeah all the studies, stats and trends indicated that mobile devices were gaining more and more marketshare. It still seemed hard to think of a “post-PC world” ruled by mobile phones and tablets.

Then this happened.

Apple announced a 128 GB iPad and it all became clear.

That’s how it’s going to happen.

Here’s what I think.

Apple is going to continue refining the iPad until you can get an iPad with a 500GB or 1TB hard drive. They will work hard as hell to keep the form factor the same or even smaller.

The clues are in their own press release:

CUPERTINO, California―January 29, 2013―Apple® today announced a 128GB* version of the fourth generation iPad® with Retina® display. The 128GB iPad with Wi-Fi and iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular models provide twice the storage capacity of the 64GB models to hold even more valuable content including photos, documents, projects, presentations, books, movies, TV shows, music and apps.
“With more than 120 million iPads sold, it’s clear that customers around the world love their iPads, and everyday they are finding more great reasons to work, learn and play on their iPads rather than their old PCs,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “With twice the storage capacity and an unparalleled selection of over 300,000 native iPad apps, enterprises, educators and artists have even more reasons to use iPad for all their business and personal needs.”

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About the Author

Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  • Rocky Fresh

    Makes perfect sense dude!

  • Fred

    They are only releasing this so people that don’t know any better will see that both this ipad and the Surface Pro have the same 128gb storage and compare the two products. This type of person will figure out the difference once they realize that they can’t connect up to a printer easily or use their thumb drives. But more importantly, they also don’t realize that both Microsoft and even the Androids actually allow for, I know this sounds crazy, but adding additional storage through microsd. Only an Apple person will be impressed with having 128gb on a tablet, because they have no other way to expand their local storage since they don’t do microsd and they have no usb slot. I don’t see where this helps destroy the pc industry. I can see how an Apple person may see it that way. And it may help destroy the Mac industry. Of course, there wasn’t much there to destroy. So I think the real title of this post should be, Apple Has Decided to Give Up On Macs!

    • Darren Kavin George

      ” Apple Has Decided to Give Up On Macs!” LOL !!! I think Onuora is going for the shock value of his title.

  • den

    And well the price, my friends the price. I don’t expect children to pay 700$ for that thing. and you? At least gamers will hold on for a while :p

  • Darren Kavin George

    Yeah, try running Premiere Pro CS6 on that thing. Such extreme language! “Destroy” Really, is that meant to scare people? SMH. PCs will be around for a long time for professionals, enterprises, servers – I mean, what do you think the cloud is on? iPads? Come on people – chill with the extreme language. Words mean something.

  • S. Kyle Davis

    And this applies to Windows 8… how? I’m sorry. I must have been mistaken. I thought this was Windows 8 Update. As in, a place where I get updates about Windows 8. Man, I must have been confused.

    See, if this WAS Windows 8 Update, and a place where things were focused on Windows 8, an article about the 128GB iPad would discuss Windows 8 in relationship to this, discuss the difference in methodologies between increasing storage size on a dedicated mobile OS vs. making a true PC OS more mobile and touch friendly. It would discuss the focus on mobile-only apps and the limitations of Quickoffice, etc., vs. Microsoft Office and the benefits/limitations of running an iCore processor on a tablet.

    That’s what a real Windows 8 update article would look like. And since this didn’t have any of that, I must be in the wrong place.

  • Robert W. Burnham

    This will not destroy the PC. It will just be another option for people looking to buy a tablet with larger storage capacity. A lot is changing in the mobile space right now, so this might one to check back on in a year.

  • Joe Danko

    iPad/iPhone upgrades to Appleheads are like the bell ringing for Pavlov’s dogs. Brilliant marketing strategy. For all anyone knows they are all constructed with one TB of storage and all Apple has to do is update the firmware to turn on some more. That’s what we used to do back in the day with mainframes. Change one backpanel wire…voila, twice as much memory. Nowadays IBM and Unisys don’t even hide it. User gets a key for the upgrade and a bigger bill. PCs and tablets may yet come to that. Nobody actually OWNS software anymore..why not the same with the hardware?

  • Ray

    Sounds more like a desperation move by Apple >> they shot themselves in the foot once >>maybe they will do it again? Onuora, I think you’re starting to lose it! Apple mentality is starting to eat your mind!! Ipad will NEVER be a computer

  • ron

    Destroy the pc market? Don’t think so. Take a bite out of it? Yeah had already done that. And the Imac is too pricey for many people.

  • Robert Trance

    I don’t think a toyPad would destroy anything especially that the worldwide interest is extremely dropped in iDevices (worldwide i said, not US)

  • John

    Surface 2 vs iPad 5
    Surface rt 2: Tegra 4 or Snapdragon 800, 1080p, 2 GB RAM, LTE, $500 for 64 GB and touch cover, $600 for 128 GB and touch cover

    Surface Pro 2: Intel Core i7-4689Y(10W TDP), 1440p, 6 GB RAM, LTE, $1000 for 128 GB and type cover, $1100 for 256 GB and type cover

    iPad 5: A7X(Revolutionary quad core technology) at 1 GHz, same display, 1 GB RAM, LTE for $130 extra, $500 for 16GB, $600 for 32 GB, $700 for 64GB, and $800 for 128 GB.

  • george_szubinski

    Onura… Really is this ToyStory 4 already…c’mon

    I have a business with over 250,000 pcs a complex infrastructure protecting my investment not only in my servers and heavy duty software … I’m providing strategy to move a massive chunk of this into the Cloud and you expect me to consider moving all this to an expensive toy which has a much bigger drive …. WOW that needs to happen… NOT

    No one of the other posters had it about right…. They are eating their own user base … Bye bye Mac…

  • william

    Back in the 90’s I had a condo salesman tell me that soon hotel rooms would be a thing of the past! Hotels still here. It’s amazing what people will say to get people’s attention.

  • R.U.Kidding

    And Windud Mistake 8 being for phones and touch pads-didnt help PC sales any

    • Rex

      Your comment wording proves you have nothing serious to say. FUD as thick as MUD.

    • Daniel Gray

      Your statement clearly shows you have as clear a view on what is happening in reality as your view through mud. In essence, you dont know what the bloody heck you are talking about and are speaking only to see your words in print somewhere as no one else will accept or believe anything you say.

  • Rex

    Mr Amobi, your interview the other day shows Apples near fatal flaw in this endevour. Enterprises are eyeing the iPads, the problem they face is that there are no way to get what they want done on them. Without a third party producing enterprise solutions on the backend, iPads are still not that useful in the enterprise. Adding local space is actually moving Apple in the wrong direction. iPads do not have the power to make local data useful and as such they become a security risk instead of an improvement for enterprises. Believe me, the company I work for is looking at this. We will use iPads because we have a limited position where they fill the gap perfectly. But they can not replace PCs and likely will not until SAP or some other company comes along and builds a backend solution that can offload the processing of the work. The value they give is then offset by the additional infrastructure required to allow for them. But this is not a bad thing, this is a good thing (increased mobility with no local data equals highly secure new platform). It just shows that Apple still doesnt understand what they have or how to make it work.
    MS on the otherhand has a potiential to instantly fill the gap. With complete pc replacements. This is something that Enterprises will soon be able to get their heads around. The weakness is in the current hardware. 4hours of battery life is a fatal flaw for Windows 8 tablets. Intel needs to get its low energy sipping processors on the market last month. When the hardware allows these machines 10 hours battery life, they can instantly be considered the future of the workplace, as their needs no infratructure change to implement which in large enterprises takes a year or more.
    Conclusion, yes this is Apples plan, but I think it is doomed for failure harder that Windows RT.

  • REWard

    Microsoft Windows 8 is the best desktop OS they have done, ever! And Server 2012 is the best Server OS they have ever released! And when it comes to PCs (yes, IBM Compatibles and MACs and any other want to be Personal Computers), Mobile Technology, Touch-Pad Technology (which is just another type of mobile technology, basically) no-one is comparing Oranges-to-Oranges (I refuse to use that other fruit)! There is no total comparable scenario. I will not use a smartphone or touchpad to run my companies QuickBooks, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. on, PERIOD! And no one else will either. As well as I will not be making phone calls from my PC!!!

    Yes, I believe PC sales will continue to fall due to smartphones & touchpads, but they will never go away! And the bottom line truth is, Microsoft & IBM Compatible PCs have the best software & hardware to price ratio to offer anyone & everyone (especially in these economic times)…

  • Daniel Gray

    Sorry Rocky, this makes absolutely NO sense. According to the top 10 Stock Exchanges from the NYSE to the European to the Asian and so on, every one of them show that Apple has lost 37% of their stock price in less then 4 months (mid Sept 2012 to mid Jan 2013). You cannot take too many hits like that and stay in business as they are going to find out if this trend keeps up. According to ALL the top Cellphone carrier (Verizon-AT&T-Sprint-Celluar One-etc) Google’s Android cell phones are out selling Apple’s iPhones by over 4 to 1 and are expected to hit a high of 10 to 1 by Jan 2014. Microsoft’s Operating systems are outselling Apple’s by over 90 to 8 (with the last 2% being open source Linux and Unix) Yet again Google’s Android pads are outselling the iPad by over 7 to one according to PC Magazine-CERT-Maximum PC and a host of others and are expected to hit as high as 15 to 1 by Mid Jan 2014. Unless Apple has some major leap in computer tech that they are keeping under wraps, it does not look as good for them as they are trying to imply.

    As I have said before, I have been in computers since the early 1970’s when a Tandy Home computer cost $8000. American and the biggest HD you could find was 512KB-the fastest speed was 4 Baud-people still used the 5 inch floppies-and unless you knew how to “phone phreak” every B Board you called (there was no such thing as a web site back then) was long distance and it did not matter if it was next door-down the street-across town-across state-or across country. I have lost count of how many times I was told that this was the end of the desktop….and its still here. people were saying this when laptops came out, yet Desktops are still here and going strong. people said the same thing when pads came out, yet the desktop is still here and going strong. people said the exact same thing when the laptop was combined with the pad and now with the cell phone thrown in so you have all three in one device (as seen in the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show) yet the desktop is still here and going strong. Until we reach a spot where you dont need a desktop to do server work or program machines in factories or work on your car…then desktops are STILL going to be here when your great great great grandkids are around (yes I know servers are not suppose to have a desktop, but they have a screen and are stationary and they have a computer and a mouse, IE they have a desktop!)

    So unless better reasoning from Apple comes though. Desktops are dying? Yea Right. And if you believe that I have a bridge in Cali-a Hole in Arizona-A mountain in the Dakotas and a statute in NY Harbor I will sell you all four on the cheap. Heck even Apple’s Corporate HQ’s customer service is saying that they have no intent to stop making desktop computers. So why go though and kill their own product?

    Oh and BTW? There are already sites on the net telling you how to change the HD in an android pad to a solid state HD of 500GB up to 1 TB, guess Apple is playing catch up again as the Nook and Kindle can be adapted to take 500GB HD solid state. How pitiful is it when even an e-reader is kicking your butt?

  • Alphere

    I won’t, I repeat, I won’t do my office work on an ipad or any tablet. PC rules!

  • Dan Stephens

    I have to agree on this one. I thought I wouldn’t at first, but you seem to have covered the bases pretty well.
    First, Windows RT is dead. Clovertrail beats it or meets it on all fronts including battery and price. (See ASUS ME400 with 64GB for $499 US) Why does it matter? Because many Windows users and IT have been holding out for a tablet that could run real windows applications. Cost efective upgrading in the office, especially in these times of tight budgets.
    But, the UI bandwidth is too small for practical use in normal business applications. True, but that is why a Tablet docking station will be a big hit. something to drop your tablet into and the desktop touch screen pops on with all it’s normal connections and you do the serious work. Pop out the tablet and head to a meeting with access to all your files and apps.
    People have been trying to make this work for laptops and notebooks for some time now. the trend will continue and accelerate given the light weight and easy use of a tablet. The only stall is the Desktop UI on W8. Aftermarket will continue to enhance the Windows desktop UI as in the past, but not for RT. Microsoft says “hands off”. Microsoft has never been a control freak before. It will finish off RT with that maneuver.
    Apple started it, Microsoft will finish it if they can maintain the PC momentum. Google can be the wild card, but Chrome has a ways to go to catch u.

  • Rug Ratz

    I think the higher capacity drive is catering to the user who thinks a bigger hard drive storage is necessary, but I would say that many tech people are looking for cloud storage capabilities and faster transfer speeds, rather than keeping everything on their own hard drives.