In what seems like the first official/non-official response from Apple regarding Windows 8, their CEO had some interesting things to say about Microsoft’s upcoming OS.

Responding to questions about the merger of the PC and Tablets going forward, he had the following response:

Anything can be forced to converge,” Cook answered. “But the problem is that the products are about tradeoffs. You begin to make tradeoffs to the point where what you have left at the end of the day doesn’t please anyone.

Cook quipped “you can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but you know, those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user.

Interesting statement.

How do you respond to someone whose company is sitting on 110 billion dollars in cash based on the RAW demand for their product?

What do you think?

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  • peter dodds

    thats right windows 8 is great for tablet .but when you try to have one os which switches between metro style and desktop in my oppinion it dosent work so good. and being forced to get used to no start button on windows 8 a lot of people will say we are paying for windows 8 why pay for something i dont like?

  • Billy Moffat

    I think the idea that executives at Apple are the all-knowing powers of technology because of the success of the company is ridiculous. People seem to think that innovation, change and advancement in technology cannot come from any company except for Apple.

    That statement by Tim Cook sounds like a knock out of arrogance more than anything else. Just like when Balmer knocked the Macbook Air for not having an optical drive, underpowered, overpriced and lacking features in PCs.

    Apple is modelling their 10″ tablets off the same OS as their 3.5″ phone and they have the common element of touch. Microsoft is modelling their 10″ tablets off the same OS that was never designed previously with touch interfaces in mind and it shares the same screen size requirements and abilities. The end results seem that you either get tablets with the functionality and trade-offs more resembling a phone, or more resembling the functionality and trade-offs of a laptop.

    With Mountain Lion, Apple is trying to put the iPad into their far less popular OSX. They’re converging the platforms as much as they can already. How does that really differ from what Microsoft has already done? Microsoft has bitten off a lot more than Apple and the transition is naturally going to hit a lot harder because of the sheer reach of the Windows platform, but once the transition is over (and you acknowledged in an article two days or so ago that Microsoft is pissing people off so they can play their smarter long-term game) you’ll have the same thing with both.

    I think it makes much more sense for a tablet to run a desktop OS than a phone OS. If you honestly think Apple isn’t working on a way to get iPad apps (as opposed to iPhone apps) to run on OSX, I’ll eat my shoe.

    Is it that difficult to believe that maybe Microsoft have just managed to get some heavy innovation moving before Apple? The consistent experience is definitely the future and while Metro isn’t the essence of perfection yet, it’s closer than anything else to the POSSIBLE task of one OS to span all devices.

    I didn’t proof read so there might be half-written sentences in there. Sorry in advance 😛

  • CptHero

    “How do you respond to someone whose company is sitting on 110 billion dollars in cash based on the RAW demand for their product? ”

    The same way I would respond to anyone else: they are merging the 3 devices (pc, tablets and smartphones) in one cohesive os and that can work or not depending on the implementation. It already works great for smartphones and tablets, the only question is how will it work on the pc and atm I doubt mr cook can comment on that

  • ECM2

    Mr. Cook’s choice of analogy – toaster and refrigerator for tablet pc and desktop pc – is, right off the bat, an indication of his unintelligent mind and prejudicial view.  I suggest that all of you (with an intelligent,objective, and critical mind) stop wasting your time looking for logical flaws in Mr. Cook’s statement – it is nothing more than an allusion motivated by self interest and self preservation.  Now, if you are an Apple fan boy/zombie, don’t waste your time reading all these negative comments.  Simply accept Mr. Cook’s statement as dogma – just like when you swallowed Mr. Job’s famous words when he said any tablet smaller than 10″ would not make sense.

  • Poetdarlington

    windows 8 is going to fall…..i was thoroughly hopeful but after using it, I put it away

  • 50son5

    Apple is right and Microsoft has their head in a very dark place.