Apple’s new Operating System Mountain Lion is coming this month – Video Overview

All this talk about Windows 8 is cool but let’s not forget the other big Cahouna out there – Apple.

They are releasing the next version of their OS this month – Mountain Lion.

This release is noteworthy because it symbolizes more of a fusion of all three of their Operating Systems – Phone, iPad and MacBooks.

What’s interesting is how they gradually are moving towards fusion of some sort but at the same time are keeping their Operating Systems distinct.

It’s beautiful to watch..

  • Rex

    Wow, I am just noticing how long in the tooth OSX is looking. I realize under the hood it has changed a lot, but in general the look hasnt changed in 10 years.

  • Rex

    Oh, and by the way, once complete fusion happens as it looks to be going that way, how do they plan to work with touch screens on laptops? I dont see how they are any better off than Windows 8 in this regards. Eventually they will have to bite the bullet and admit that OSX can support touch screens. I will be laughing my tail off when they do.

    • Onuora Amobi

      I think they plan to leave touchscreens and laptops alone.

      For now, that seems to be Microsoft’s game.

      • Rex

        I know that is what they say, but really it doesnt make sense longterm. Four years form now when the iPad is as powerful as current Mac Airs, what OS will they have? Will it be the same as what will be on the Mac Air at that time? That is the convergence that seems to be moving to here in Mountain Lion, and if both use the same OS, why would you not have touch on the Mac Air and only on the iPad? If the OS looks the same and you have both, would you not get confused if what you do on one doesnt work on another. Whatever Apple says about not putting touch on a laptop, if they do converge iOS and OSX. I guarantee they will break that commitment of no touch on laptops. Because, where MS is right and Apple is completely wrong is the post PC world. We are not in a post pc world and never will be. What we really are on is the verge of the ultamobile PC era, or the “always connected” era however you want to look at it.
        Apple is used to saying, such and such will never happen, to see their competitors drop that line. Then they use that time to perfect such and such and say how innovative they are because no one else has done it. This time I fear they bit off more than they can control. Windows 8 will not give up touch and at times touch will make sense and other times it wont. People will automatically use it when it makes sense. When Apple is forced to concede they were wrong, they will not be able to come out with something and show how amazing it is, because it will be being used. It is at times like these that Apple hubris will hurt them.