Please don’t take it in any form of disrespect to Steve Jobs that I am writing this article.

I was one of Steve Jobs’ biggest fans and when he died it felt like I had lost more than just a CEO of one of my favorite tech companies, or even a visionary. It felt like I had lost a dear friend or even a family member.

But now don’t you have to ask the question about how innovative Apple will be especially with threats like Windows 8 coming out over the horizon.

Steve Jobs innovated the personal computer industry, the digital music industry, the phone industry, and I’m not sure how much of an innovation the iPad was, but one thing’s for sure, everyone else is copying it. And possibly improving it in the case of Windows 8.

Now that Steve’s gone, will Apple create new types of products like an iBall, for example, (a cool and kind of provocative name) or will they just make slight improvements on their already existing products like they have basically been doing with the past realeases (iPad 2, iPhone 4S.)

I think Apple may need some time to get back up on its feet, but for the most part I think they’ll be fine. I mean Apple still has Johnny Ive who is the head of Apple’s product design and there’s still Tim Cook who’s been running the company since the beginning of the year and has had other experience with running Apple for some of the other times Jobs has taken medical leave.

If Apple takes long enough to get recovered, Windows 8 might just have enough time to get settled into the tablet market and become a big competitor to the iPad, because one thing that we’ve learned from the iPhone 4S announcement is that Apple consumers like to be wowed with amazing new features. Even though the iPhone 4S did sell faster than any other iPhone, the presentation met less that average reviews for an Apple event.

Windows 8 also resembles Apple’s new version of OS X, Lion, because it combines the traditional desktop with a mobile interface. If Apple doesn’t improve certain aspects of Lion, then Windows 8 will definitely surpass Lion in sales, especially with some unknown features that Microsoft plans to release in updates.

Apple’s iCloud will also have to face off with Windows Live, especially with the Single Sign On feature, which I’ve commented on in many other posts because I still think it is an amazing feature for a desktop operating system.

iCloud may be sleek and may work seamlessly with the iPhone/iPod Touch, the iPad, and the Mac, but if Windows Live works as well as I expect it to, it will need to bring in some new features that only Steve would’ve been able to think of.

I’m not saying that Steve’s the only person that could bring good changes to Apple, I’m just saying that his ideas would probably be more innovative than anyone else’s right now.



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  • Penta2100

    I miss steve :'(. In any words I want to see an amzing battle between these two companies. I want my pants too literaly drop. while im wearing a belt.

  • Owais_503

     I feltt he same thing as u Onuora about losing Steve Jobs .

  • iPhone App Development

    Apple will remain at the top …

  • Robind

    Everybody dies, it is what they leave behind that matters in the end,
    I have never used a Mac, don’t ever plan to, but I will not put it down just because I dont know the os.

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs

  • Mikhail Ratchkovski

    The world lost a visionary this is a huge loss.
    Steve you will be missed R.I.P.

    Microsoft is yet to prove their tablet as a competition to the iPad. The four pound brick is not a tablet of today. With Intel’s 22nm chips coming out only in 2013 and Windows OS demanding gobs of power Windows 8 is not going to become all of a sudden half a pound device lasting for 12hrs on a single charge. There are some talks about an ARM version of the Windows, but really this is still as much of a dark horse as what Apple will introduce as a next device.

  • Dan Stephens

    Xerox PARC.

    Check your history.  They invented the GUI that Apple stole.   Xerox Star.

    Apple made it pretty and commercially viable.  BUT, the Mac is still an icon driven interface nearly 27 years later. 

    Where’s the real vision? 

    Music players?  Apple didn’t invent the MP3 player either.

    Smart phones?  Talk about late to the party!  Microsoft was already there.  Their flaw was that they quit innovating in the space.  They were content to play the Hare to the Tortoise.