Glad to see that all the success hasn’t gone to Tim Cook’s head.

This Tuesday at a conference, Apple’s CEO came out with all guns blazing at took a massive swipe at Windows 8.

His words:

“[With Windows 8, Microsoft] is pulling all of the leg weight of the PC market,” Mr. Cook said. “You wind up with something that’s very similar to what tablets were ten years ago. The more you look at combining the tablet and the PC, the more the baggage from the past affects the product. If you force them together, the tablet and PC can’t be as good as they can be.”


“In my view, the tablet and the PC are different,” he added. “You can do things with the tablet if you are not encumbered by the legacy of the PC. Products are about trade-offs and you have to make tough decisions. You have to choose.” With Microsoft’s approach for Windows 8, he said, “the PC isn’t as good as it can be, nor is the tablet.”

He has some good points.

It is curious because this marks the second time that he has come out blasting Windows 8.

The first was when he said:

“you can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are not going to be pleasing to the user.”

It’s interesting that he is so publicly disparaging about Windows 8. He’s the CEO of Apple with a stock price of above $600 a share. It just seems a little petty and unnecessary.

However, it is perfectly in the spirit of Steve Jobs. That’s the type of stuff Steve would have said.

Time will tell if Mr. Cook is right.

What do you think about Tim Cook’s comments?

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  • ECM2

    I think time will tell. Oops… you just said that!

  • Elwood Anderson

    Those are just sour grapes comments from Cook. Microsoft is giving their users a choice. You can get an RT Arm tablet with the legacy Windows stuff stripped out, or a full on Windows tablet for people who want the whole ball of wax. Enterprise users will want the full boat, casual user the RT version. What is Microsoft supposed to do, ignore their large Windows base?  Apple should ask themselves if their desktop business has a future with any volume. They may end up being a tablet, phone, and TV company as tablets become more powerfull and energy efficient. Enterprise adoption of new technology is much slower than consumer adoption. Microsoft is on the right track for their customer base. New processors and lower power consumption with make Windows 8 on a tablet practical. Tablet are for consuming information, hybrids and computers are for creating information.

    • xinu

      Apple never stated they want to be in the Enterprise market. 

      However, many companies such as Google, and many other, adopted Apple computers partially for security reasons (due to less viruses). You will find that many enterprise companies use apple computers, perhaps not the average Joe at the office, but certainly if you work in design, software design, newspapers etc. Facebook for example use apple computers.

      Also, have a look at this article:

      It seems Microsoft are stripping everything good about windows from their OS, even for the professional market.

  • 1stkorean

    who is timmy cook to be talking trash about MS.  The jury is still out on Windows 8.  When that dead guy jobs, or apple and now cook are afraid of something they trash it.

    cook is as irrelevant as apple and that jobs guy was!

    • xinu

      Steve Jobs, who you are referring to, managed to revolutionise many of the everyday items we use. Just look at the phenomenal success of the iPhone and iPad. Many more of those sell every day than Microsoft could ever imagine.
      Its true Steve was not always right, and made many mistakes, but he revitalised apple after his return and made it the most valuable company in the world.
      That must mean he did something right?

      • 1stkorean

        and I guess Bill Gates had nothing to do with the revitalization of apple after your precious jobs virtually ran it into Bankruptcy?

        • xinu

          yes you are absolutely right. Microsoft saved Apple! Bill gates revolutionised the world in his own way. He did a lot, but Bill took a lot of inspiration from Apple. Don’t forget, apple was the first to create a working UI (which they stole from xerox ;]). Microsoft followed, with Windows 1.0.

          Its true to say Microsoft have been incredibly successful over the years, and have changed the world forever, but things change. I think apple will have more influence on computing over the coming few years than Microsoft. Simply, as Apple appears to set the standard everyone else seems to be following.

          Please don’t think Im an apple fanboy, I love windows and Microsoft and use their products everyday, but I think they are starting to loose their way with Windows 8.

          But hey, I could be wrong. Time will tell.

  • xinu

    I switched to the mac during the vista era, and don’t regret doing so. Having heard some of the most recent comments, especially about microsoft “furiously ripping out legacy code in Windows 8 that would have enabled third parties to bring back the Start button, Start Menu” Reading this I don’t regret having made the switch.

    I disliked apple for a long time, because the OS was not right for me, but over time these things where fixed.  Now I am starting to dislike Windows for their not so positive changes. A PC is a PC, a Tablet is a Tablet. You cannot put 1 OS on all and hope people will like it because they will not.

    Apple computers have made incredible leaps, and whilst I believe Windows 7 is a worthy competitor to OS X and a great OS, I don’t think Windows 8 will be (please note I use Windows 7 almost daily). 

    • 1stkorean

      If Windows is such an inferior OS why do you apple fanibois scurry to load it on your precious over priced and overrated PC’s?

      • xinu

        I will answer your question in four parts.

        1) OSX is built on UNIX, which automatically makes OSX superior to Windows which it built on NT. Simple as that. Ask any computer scientist.

        2) Its best to have the choice of both worlds, don’t you agree? Is it not better to have the choice of using OSX and Windows and switching between them as you wish rather than being stuck to 1 OS? I find many Windows lovers argue that Macs are very limited, well not true. You can run any OS on a mac, Windows, OSX and Linux. Whilst your choice on a Windows PC is more limited, especially if they tighten down on their BIOS settings which may block you from running any OS other than Windows.
        Windows is better for some things, OSX is better for others.

        3) Apple computers come with a premium price which is not for everyone. Remember that “Price and Cost” are relative. Something which is expensive to you, is not expensive to someone else. I was prepared to pay the premium for my mac (apple only makes about $200/300 profit per mac, which is comparable to other PC manufacturers). 

        4) I find that usually you get what you pay for with most PC’s. Microsoft charges about $90 in licensing to manufacturers, so if you buy a PC for $300 they are left with $210 for parts and to make a profit. Not a lot! This will cause many PC manufacturers to use cheaper materials and chips to compensate. Since apple manufactures their own computers, they don’t charge a license fee, so the money can be used otherwise. Macs are designer products, they are made from high quality materials and come with high quality finish. Many PC’s are brown/ black plastic boxes which simply look ugly (although I used to love my old brown box PC).

        Look, I perfectly understand your point of view, I used to share it. You have to give other products a try before you dismiss them, otherwise your point of view is simply ignorant. Windows Vista when it was released was crap, since I needed a new PC i gave apple a try and I love it.

        • xinu

          Also please don’t forget that Apple is not the only company which charges a premium for their products. Windows PC manufacturer Alienware is also famous for charging, or overcharging, for their products.

        • 1stkorean

          I agree fully it is best to offer a choice to people.  I have never bought a computer, I have always chosen to build my own.  I would rather spend $700.00 – $800.00 every couple of years and stay on top of technology.

          I have installed OS X (I forget which cat it was) on a PC and would have rather returned to the days of Windows 95.  Perhaps OS X Lion is better I don’t know.

          I interned at apple for a short time in my last year of college, and found jobs to be the most despicable person to walk upright.  I met Gates 2 time and the second time was 5 years after the 1st and he called me by name and remembered where we met.  This was most impressive since I was nobody to Gates and jobs had no problems letting people they were nothing but peons to him.

          Maybe this is why I have a bitter taste for apple, apple products and timmy cook.

          Xinu I have glad you are happy with your apple system and OS, but happier you recognize Windows 7 for what it is too.