Microsoft has amped up its efforts to move users away from Windows XP to a newer version of its operating system. And with around six months remaining between now and retirement, this really is the final stretch.

But despite the best efforts from Redmond and its partners, not everyone seems to be listening. Or they are listing but not really kicking off the necessary actions to move away from the ancient OS.

The reason for this, you ask? The dreaded problem of application compatibility!

Ever see those real life documentaries showing scientific and medical research facilities, businesses and enterprises, large and small? Well, you may have noticed most are using Windows XP. They are running custom software on their desktop PCs and XP can clearly be seen in the video.

Now the problem with custom software is that it may or may not play nicely with newer versions of Windows. And this means these organizations have a fair bit of problem on their hands.

This is exactly what Dell found out recently.

A survey commissioned by Dell involving 500 IT professionals reveals that a substantial 47 percent of businesses are yet to start their transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8. And most of them point to software and application compatibility issues as the main reason for this delay.

The study also reveals that the time needed to solve migration problems is another reason.

And finally, user training and support that may be needed after moving to a newer platform is also one of the top reasons that contribute to these companies deciding to stick with Windows XP.

Obviously, there is a clear and present danger that running Windows XP beyond the retirement date could expose these companies to potential attacks, as the operating system will no longer receive patches and fixes from Microsoft.

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  1. Windows XP just did everything you wanted and since then there hasnt been a version of Windows that can rival it. So customise it a little MIcrosoft and re-launch it again pleeeeeeease

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