Apps With Speech Recognition Will Soon Hit The Windows Store

Microsoft has already made a thousand and one enhancements in Windows 8.1, but the company is looking to improve its modern platform even more by implementing new features left and right.

One such option is the Bing Speech Recognition Control — a feature that is already available for Windows Phone apps. And Redmond has now made it available for Windows 8.1 developers, meaning Metro apps with such functionality will hit the Windows Store anytime now.

The technology titan made the announcement in a new blog post claiming that implementing this feature in all Metro apps is easy breeze — it all comes down to just 10 lines of code.

Insert them in, and end users will be provided with speech recognition on both desktops and tablets:

“When the user clicks or taps the mic, they will hear a blip, or ‘earcon,’ to signal that it’s time to speak, and an audio meter will show their current volume level. While speaking, the words detected will be shown in the control. When they stop speaking, or hit the Stop button on the speech control, they will get a brief animation and then their words will appear in the TextBlock.”

Obviously, the integration of this feature will open up a new horizon for app developers — particularly for gaming and multimedia apps. No idea when the first apps to use these controls will hit the Windows Store, but it should not be too long.

  • Ray C

    Good deal

  • Mike Greenway

    I need to learn more about this. The desk top speech recognition in win8 is almost what it needed to be to use every day, I hope this has a little better recognition. 10 lines of code. WOW time to crank up visual studio.