The new touch interface is by far the biggest feature of Windows 8.

Not far behind are the apps —Windows 8 is built around them, and Microsoft knows how important they are. A large, vibrant assortment of Window 8 apps will go a long way in swaying customers to Microsoft’s new platform, at least when it comes to devices other than the good old PC.

The Redmond-based company has been encouraging app developers to create Windows 8 apps for quite some time now. And the efforts continue with a cool new video that Microsoft just put up, called ‘A New World of Apps’. Take a look:

UPDATE – the video seems to have been removed from YouTube.

Microsoft is quick to point out the numbers in the video, noting that its App Store allows developers to reach over 1 billion potential users.

And it wouldn’t be Microsoft if it did not pull a fast one on its competitors. The video continues by saying that over the last 2 years, it has sold more Windows licenses than Android, iOS and Macs combined.

That’s the way to tell them.

The new OS has been slow off the ground, both on the desktop and mobile fronts, but there is nevertheless a strong interest among developers to create apps for the platform.

Hundreds of new applications are popping up daily in the Windows Store.

A number which could only go up as the platform gains ground.

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