The success of Windows 8 and it’s metro interface is totally dependent on the apps that will be available in the new- reimagined version of Windows.

Since the introduction of Windows Store in the Consumer Preview, a lot of apps have been added to it. Release Preview was also launched with a bunch of new apps . There are some great apps currently present in the Store .

But here is a list of some Metro styled apps that I would definitely want to see in the Store right from the first day of Windows 8 launch.

  • FACEBOOK  App:- I want a Metro styled Facebook app for Windows 8. I know there are several apps now present in the market which do the same but I would like to have a Facebook app from Facebook which should also support chat within the same app.
  • VLC Media Player App:- I had read somewhere a few days back that VLC won’t be making a metro styled app for Windows 8. Being my  favourite video player , I would like to have a metro version of it. So that I don’t have to switch to the desktop everytime I have to play any video file(specially .flv files)
  • CRICKET App:- I am from India, a cricket crazy nation. So I would surely want a proper Cricket app for Windows 8. The Sports app which was included in the release preview didn’t included cricket.
  • NERO App:- I would also like to have the metro version of  a disc utility software such as Nero. Nero has been a very famous disc burning utility over the years and I would like to see it rocking in Windows 8 too.
  • AVAST Antivirus App:- I would also like to have a metro styled Avast antivirus app too. But Microsoft is actively discouraging  Avast from making a metro version, which is at least for me, Very surprising.

So, these are the few apps that I want to see in Windows 8.

Which Apps do you want?

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  • Arthur Wu

    Where is the reference for discouraging Avast from making an metro style app?  I don’t remember reading it anywhere and I’m actually quite sad to hear that news. 

    • Billy Moffat

      I read about it as well a few months ago so he’s not just making it up. The reason if I recall is that Microsoft didn’t think it was necessary, because metro apps are sandboxed and can’t get access to the things virus software require. That, and I guess it makes the platform look bad if it has useless virus protection apps. Microsoft have worked hard to get rid of the misconception that Windows is insecure and I absolutely understand if Microsoft banned metro virus protection apps altogether.

    • sarveshmotihari
  • pim oudejans

    And Spotfify!

  • 123321

    facebook, vlc and a cd-burning app (nero or anything else)

  • Jony G

    If Facebook, VLC player, Skype (or integrated), Winamp, Office & at least one good torrent app was available I’d rarely ever be on desktop mode (coming from a non-power user).

  • Willem

    Being an Aussie I’d have to agree with the cricket app. Also, a really good, well thought out Bible app.

  • Billy Moffat

    uTorrent, Facebook, an RSS reader, VLC (or something similar that doesn’t try and sell me movies), Dropbox, offline Facebook messaging integration into the messaging app (plus the ability to share text to the messaging app), WINDOWS EXPLORER, and a semi-decent text editor.

    I’d like uTorrent, Facebook, an RSS reader, VLC, Dropbox, a semi-decent text editor, an image editor (preferably Paint.NET), and Python IDLE wouldn’t go astray either (not that it’ll probably ever happen).

    I’d also like to see offline messaging available for Facebook messages or the ability to share to the messaging app (even if FB has an app I like the idea of being able to plug in multiple sources to a single, very good app). Evernote is also useless at the moment but that’ll change of course.And I think they need to make a metro version of Windows Explorer. Just like the file picker. Control Panel needs more on the metro side as well.
    For me personally, that is almost I need to ditch the desktop altogether. The only thing they need to do beyond that is allow metro to be on multiple screens at once. It’s silly that metro can only be on one screen while the desktop is permanently on the other two (in my case). Sure you can drag it from one screen to another, but what if I want to use all of my screens for the programs of the future?

    • Zato-One

       I totally agree with “a semi-decent text editor, an image editor (preferably Paint.NET)” and “WINDOWS EXPLORER” (or any file explorer) and I would add GOM Player (VLC, or whatever for videos with subtitle support), fully-usable web browser (I am not happy with IE or Chrome so far, looking forward to Firefox maybe), calculator, Visual Studio, Office. With this I wouldn’t have to use desktop at all.

      For improving Windows 8: the multitasking is not as good as it was in taskbar, and it need to be (otherwise they are doing step backwards… ). You can’t open more windows of the app (it is needed for notepad, office documents, pdf documents, file explorer, for me even for calculator :D) – it should be possible and more windows of one app should be nested in “open apps bar” (or whatever it’s called), with posibility of progress bar (like when you’re downloading, intstalling, you can see progrees status).

      Two apps on the screen should be able to display on half of screen too, not just 1/4 and 3/4 of the screen (i think they haven’t do so because of desktop, which was not made for this, but they should find some solution… ).

      Advanced settings – missing in almost every app, I think you know what I mean (what I miss for example in IE: addons (at least adblock), history browsing, have favourites in folders, option to ask where to download). I like simplicity of metro apps, but they can’t do less than their desktop brothers…