Are Microsoft layoffs coming?

According to, Microsoft is expected to make a number of job cuts next month.

An internal email has been circulated amongst Microsoft employees warning that a restructuring will take soon place, with a number of redundancies to be made, according to TechEye sources.

While the exact scale of the staff cuts is not clear yet, our sources within Microsoft have reported that employees are now becoming concerned over the impending job losses.

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  • Softwarengineer

    How can MSFT Make Decent Profits on O/S Software?

    When new laptops are recently selling with Windows7 O/Ss for as low as $250?

  • real-deal

    to get any job with IT company minimum a person needs to type 60 words per a minute yet some of the indians working at Microsoft can’t even speak english?
    My question is how do they get those positions? i really don’t understand its seams like there making money but not Microsoft!
    I think that Microsoft needs to have its own HR office rather then rely on others to do the hiring cause i think some those companies {not sure} excepting bribes or the whole HR is indians.
    Its impossible to me That i speak with many locals in redmond and woodinville that have worked at Microsoft in early and mid 90’s and whom well qualified to return to work couldn’t get back because of those hiring companies they don’t except americans only indians its really frustrating.
    What happened to intelligent peoples from Europe or Canada whats going on with Microsoft do you need brainiacs or cheap labor ????????helloooooo