OK, I admit it.  I broke down today and went hunting for examples of Android-based tablets and iPads in the enterprise.

My motivation?  The assumption in Microsoft’s actions that enterprises all over are waiting with bated breath for tablets based on Windows 8 RT and Windows 8.

Why so I think that? The main clue is the price at which Microsoft plans to offer the Surface Pro – as I wrote about earlier, at the hugely perplexing price of $899 without a keyboard, over $1,000 with.

So, what did my research session yield?  Many (I do mean many) enterprises merrily adopting Apple’s iOS and Android-based tablets AND smartphones.

Yes, they’re not waiting for Microsoft.  The much-vaunted “compatibility” factor, the “stay-with-the-Windows-ecosystem” argument seems to be falling on deaf ears.

Who are these ‘defectors’ then?   Eric Lai’s list of Android adopters include Arizona State and Seton Hall universities, the US Army and Navy, Honeywell, Bayada, Philadelphia Enquirer, Verizon, it goes on and on.  Hundreds of them.

It’s even more extensive for iPad adoption.  His table is shown below:

So the myth of Microsoft invincibility in the enterprise on new form factors, at least for me, is pretty much dispelled.

Offering Surface Pro at over a grand is almost certain to fail. Cannot anyone in Redmond see this?

Sure, Microsoft have an out: they can always argue that the Surfaces (RT and Pro) were never meant to succeed sales-wise, just as reference points for OEMs.

That would be untrue. No one invests that amount of time and effort to fizzle out.

Like Onuora Amobi at Windows 8 Update writes, if the Surface Pro was offered at $699, with a keyboard thrown in, it would be a hit. Late in coming, but a hit nevertheless. I happen to agree.

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