There has been a fair amount of negative sentiment from many sources when it comes to Windows 8 Consumer Preview recently. While some users out there simply say there isn’t enough to offer in Windows 8, others go as far as to say it “sucks”.

I’ve talked about stability, I’ve talked about Metro and its apps, but I really have yet to officially share my thoughts on Windows 8 Consumer Preview in the most blunt possible way.

Do I truly like it? The jury is still out, but I’d say I will likely say “yes” by the time it is in its commercial phase. In its current form? It is a Beta and I’ve had a fair amount of problems recently with it regularly locking up after a few restarts and the only way to fix it is to reload from a previous restore point. This doesn’t take THAT long but its annoying. I recognize that this is a Beta problem, and when it goes away I have little to complain about.

The problem with Windows 8 though is that speed is the only thing it has to offer for desktop users. Honestly, just going to “hibernate” in Windows 7 most of the time would equal to almost the same speed experience though.

When it comes down to it, will I invest in Windows 8 when this Consumer Preview expires or will I simply revert back to Windows 7? That’s a hard question to answer. I love the speed up, I really do. I also find that a few of the Metro games are at least somewhat amusing. Enough for me to pay actual money for an upgrade, though? Honestly, probably not.

Instead, I’ll probably restore Windows 7 after the Consumer Preview expires and than about six months after Windows 8 arrives, I’ll buy a W8 laptop. By then there will be enough security fixes and perhaps even a service pack. Generally, any time a new version of Windows comes out it is less than great.

Everyone still claims Vista was awful, and it truly was, but by its later service packs it actually became a pretty solid performer. Now you might be wondering, would I be more willing to buy an upgrade to Windows 8 if it had an option to turn off Metro and revert to the start bar?

No, I have no problem with Metro, my issue is that I don’t think Windows 8 seems to add enough value to pay money for. I would have ABSOLUTELY no problem using it if it comes stock with my computer, laptop or tablet though.

While I am on the fence about paying for an upgrade to Windows 8, I do have an opinion on how other users will react, at least from first impressions. While there were real users that paid to put Windows 7 on their Vista machines, I don’t see this happening with Windows 8.

When it comes time for new PCs, users might not “downgrade” to 7 like they did with Vista (remember how common downgrading to XP was for a while?), but I don’t see people spending money on Windows 8 upgrades.

In the end, no, Windows 8 isn’t bad at all. It certainly isn’t a Windows ME or Vista repeat, but at the same time it probably isn’t worth paying for unless it comes pre-installed on your PC. Not everyone is going to feel that way, but I honestly think that Microsoft is going to find that it sells very few upgrade copies in comparison to Windows 7.

What do you think? Providing that some of the Beta issues with Windows 8 get worked out, would you spend real money (likely $100+) on an upgrade copy or are you likely to not get the new OS until it comes free with your hardware?

Share your thoughts below.

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  • NazmusLabs

    Good post! You do realize that there is another public, free, release after the consumer preview, right? There is a release candidate coming this summer. That version should be more polished and may have an expire date further than that of the Consumer Preview. So, you might be able to stick with Windows 8 RC for a year and a half; by that time, it might be a time to buy a new PC.

    Great post.

  • Timiteh

    Only if there are inovative Windows 8 PC design which bring a significant added value over a Windows 7 PC, or if Microsoft implement a true desktop mode as well as much more consistent transition from Metro to desktop.
    Otherwise i will probably stay with Windows 7 and consider checking for Linux distros candidates for dual booting. 

  • Jacob122brown

    As for me I like the way windows 8 consumer preview performs…Unlike 7 it has drive monitoring   and the option to refresh your pc and all other useful features so yes id upgrade when the full version is out 

  • Poetdarlington

    I prefer it to Windows 7 because it does all Windows 7 does and much more. I’ve always had a problem with the prices of Windows though, especially when Mac is selling their OS for $29. So, I’ve never bought an upgrade, and will continue that trend until the upgrade prices drop.