In Windows 8, the cloud is finally starting to become a useful and integrated part of the experience, though I’m sure this is only the beginning of a beautiful relationship between future Windows releases and cloud technology like SkyDrive. Honestly, I’ve been a little slow to adopt the whole cloud-save system, despite obvious benefits.

Something about just using a jumpdrive, gives me a little comfort. That being said, the other day I was looking for some old music from my previous ‘primary desktop machine’ that I had backed up to an 8GB flash drive. I couldn’t find it anywhere. This was majorly frustrating.

While the cloud still limits the amount of storage, I only had about 1GB of this space occupied by music and it was all legitimate rips from my own CD collection none of the not-so-legal stuff you get on the net. Having it on the cloud might have saved me the grief of searching high and low (though I did find it finally).

So how well does SkyDrive fit into Windows 8? It fits in Metro very well. The app is easy to use, though you have to log into the browser version to delete files (unless I’m missing something, which is possible). Browsing your existing files and folders is easy and works just like any other Metro app.

Admittedly, I still don’t use mine much. For one thing, 99% of the time I need to access a file, picture, or whatever… I am on my laptop. So locally stored files work for me. For those that have a home machine and an office machine though? This kind of integration really helps out and makes life a lot easier. I could also see how programs like SkyDrive would be great for collaboration.

That being said, storing entire libraries of pictures does make a good deal of sense. As techie-natured as I am though, the vast majority of my pictures are either of the physical type or are still on the SDHC card inside of my digital camera. For those that are more organized than myself, this is a good way to prevent picture loss in the event your PC crashes or your camera’s memory card dies somehow.

For now, the cloud isn’t probably going to appeal to everyone, but I have a feeling that its presence within Windows is only going to grow over the next decade. On the other hand, I love the LIVE ID integration. For those that don’t know, you can log in using your LIVE ID and that means you will retain many of the same settings no matter what PC you are using.

While I pretty much only use one PC anymore (my laptop), this could still be interesting as I plan on building a higher-end Media PC in the near future. Do you use cloud storage, if so is it SkyDrive or one of its competitors? Share your thoughts below.

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