That is, in total. Windows XP was officially retired earlier this year, and even though users and companies are steadily moving away from this old OS, it still powers a substantial amount of PCs.

A new research actually pegs this figure at 8.4% on the desktop front.

Security firm Syscon has compiled these newest statistics that shows that Windows XP is installed on a somewhat manageable 8.4% of desktop computers the world over, while Windows 7 leads the charts with a solid 55.1%.

Windows 8 still has a lot of ground to cover, with its figures of 15.8%.

Now, while these figures for Windows XP are better than what we have been hearing from other market researchers, the Windows 7 store is equally interesting. It will take a big effort from Microsoft to move these users to a newer operating platform.

A 55.1% share is substantial in any industry, and unless Redmond plays its cards just right, we could have something similar to the Windows XP situation on our hands come Windows 7 retirement.

Luckily, with the way Windows 9 development is shaping up, the company just might have a chance!

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  1. what is “andere” form the chart above?

  2. It means “others” in German. The company providing the stats above is Cyscon (and not Syscon as spelled in the article) and it’s a German firm.

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