As expected, Microsoft will align their phones with tablets and PC Operating Systems

Microsoft has said it is taking steps to “align” the smartphone OS with its future tablet and PC OSes.

This blog has talked about how Microsoft’s grand plan is to make usage and user experience consistent across Microsoft-based phones, PCs and tablets.

I fully expect Microsoft to take steps to unify the code base of Windows Phone 8 to make it easy for developers to write code for apps across all their platforms.

From Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Windows Phone Program Management:

“The Windows team has made announcements about the platform for Windows 8. It’s based on XAML and C-Sharp, which is the same language run-time as we have on the phone. Over time you’ll see these things be aligned. We’ll have a tool story that’s great for developers, but we have not yet made any announcements about future versions of Windows Phone,” Belfiore said.

The Metro interface which will be used in Windows 8 across tablets and PC’s will probably at some point be phased to the Windows Phone OS. When and how is not clear at this point.

The other unifying factor for tablets, phones, PCs and gaming consoles are Web-based cloud services, Belfiore said.

“What we’re trying to do is use the cloud as a mechanism to aggregate all the things that you would care about on the back-end and get them to those screens in a right, meaningful, well-designed way.”

Microsoft is actively trying to make their platform a no brainer choice for developers because they will be able to develop apps that will be able to run across phones, Tablets, pc’s and more. This will make Windows 8 a major competititor in 2012 and will make the Microsoft platform the one to beat for sure.

Stay tuned.

  • KonanYao

    So it begins.
    I hope that people will stop attacking Ballmer now that it becomes more and more obvious how impressive the Microsoft strategy truely is.