So I’m going to start something new.

Every Friday, I’ll open up a post for you to ask Windows 8 questions using the comments below.

If you have a Windows 8 question that you need an answer to and you are having trouble figuring it out, ask it below.

Over the coming week, I’ll be highlighting the more interesting questions and using them for question and answer articles.

Also, this is a community site so if you see a question in the comments that you can answer, jump right in there and answer it.

So, what Windows 8 related questions do you have for me?


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  1. i have no qwestions for windows 8
    mi qwestion will microsft next operating system windows 10 maby bring start menu back

  2. Deniese Williams / January 18, 2013 at 8:26 am /Reply

    When’s the frikkin Start Menu coming back?

    • Thankfully, never. For those that absolutely must have it, there are nice entreprenures out there that have already solved this for you.

  3. When RDPing to a Win8 or Server 2012 machine in window mode, what is the easiest way to open start and/or control panel. I know you can right click on the title bar and theres drop down options to send key strokes, but that’s a head ache. Theres also the hot-corner mouse over thing but that takes just as much effort to stay inside the window to bring up the side bar.

    I guess I’m asking if theres a way to toggle to send keystrokes to the window without going full screen (similar to TeamViewer’s scroll-lock-to-send-keystrokes-remotely).

  4. How do I turn off automatic updates?

    • To stop auto updates:

      From the start menu just type the word “control panel” and then click the “control panel” icon. Click the “System and Security” link. In the “Windows Update” area click the “turn automatic updates on or off” link. Use the drop down menu to the right side of the little “Security Badge” to change how Windows updates. Hope it helps.

  5. When are the fontrendering gonna be fixed so the text is sharp and readable?

  6. Muhammad usama Goher / January 18, 2013 at 11:46 am /Reply

    when i try to install any trail version app,it says that you have already installed this app on your PC…..what might be the problem??

    • Try to sync your app licenses. While in the Windows store app, hit the charms bar and tap the “settings” icon. Tap on “App Updates” and then Hit the “sync license” icon. Shut down and restart the store app. It might help, it worked for me once.

  7. Is there any way, on a PC running Win 8 with multiple monitors, to have more than 1 Win 8 app open at the same time? I’m running Win8 on my production computer at work, and there are 3 or 4 Apps that I like, but I hate switching them between monitors. It would be much better if I could have at least 2 of my 4 monitors displaying Win8 Apps.

    • I can answer this. Unfrortunately the answer is No, the start screen and Windows 8 apps can only run one at a time unless you split the screen. You can not run them on seperate screens. If you have multiple screens, all the rest will automatically show the desktop.

      • I figured that was the case, but I don’t like it. It to me is a pretty bad flaw when trying to use this in a work environment. I’ve figured it out, but I don’t like it. And the ‘split screen thing’ pretty useless in my mind. I still have to switch screens to get to the ‘active’ app, and I lose 20% of my screen.

  8. Why can’t people just get on board and stop complaining about the start Button? The start screen is pretty cool when you give it a chance.

    But seriously. I’ll answer one.

    To stop auto updates:

    From the start menu just type the word “control panel” and then click the “control panel” icon. Click the “System and Security” link. In the “Windows Update” area click the “turn automatic updates on or off” link. Use the drop down menu to the right side of the little “Security Badge” to change how Windows updates. Hope it helps.

  9. I have an extra laptop, 5 years old, Dell Vostro 1500 with 4 GB of RAM from a former business, not connected to any printers, etc. No files to save, so pretty clean. Is it worth installing Win 8 until I get my personal Win 8 laptop (with touch screen)? I thought it could help to learn Win 8 in the meantime.

  10. Is Microsoft going to make an operating system that isn’t slow as dirt that grows on the ground. better yet how about a verison of windows that doesn’t take 25 gig of harddrive space. better yet is Microsoft ever going to make an O/S that isn’t slow

    • also when is Microsoft dropping that stupied taskbar that always in the freaking way. who care about a start button. metro is a stupied idea. lets take the old start menu box and make it full screen. Microsoft you are retarded. I think a preschool kid made windows 8

  11. How could I save an attached photo in the built-in email app?
    Also, is there a way to block junk mails?

  12. How come after so many years of Windows that Microsoft still messes around with different language versions?
    This is extremely annoying! There must be zillions of people who install their software in English in a country where it is NOT the local language. Is it possible they’ve never learned a lesson on this?
    I’ve just installed Win 8 in English and it still greets me with another language just because it is spying on me! IE 10 want to install in French. Adobe wants to install in French. And there is no choice. It does so WITHOUT asking. When I open a newspaper article from an English language site everything’s in English except the date which is in French. This is total nonsense!
    Is there a way to stop this nightmare without resorting to changing keyboard settings?

  13. Ever since the last Win 8 update (Jan 9th) my computer has been acting up.

    Whenever there is a software update that needs to restart the system, it goes into the restart mode but stays there even after leaving it there overnight, the only way to get back to normal is to power off and back on.

    Anyone else had that problem?

    I’ve asked JustAnswer [[email protected]] and this is what I got from them:

    We are very sorry that your Computer question was not answered.
    Unfortunately, we could not find the perfect Tech Support Specialist to
    answer your specific question. Please know this is rare and we are committed
    to providing 100% satisfaction
    with our service and encourage you to ask another question.

  14. Is thare anny boddy who can tell my how to delete an dual boot from the bios setup.
    Now I have a menu to choiche from 2 harddisks with a different system, and I wil delete this from the boot menu.

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