Asus continue on their Transformers spree at Computex

One more at Computex.

Asus announced their “Transformer All in One”.

It’s a desktop PC that “transforms” into a somewhat bulky tablet.

The cool part of this is that Asus are claiming that the Transformer can seamlessly shift between Android 4.0 and Windows 8.

Some video from the Verge.

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  • Tomasrys

    The concept is neat.. but why the hell would I like to get an android tablet and a W8 Pc on the same device???? it just does not make sense… I’d rater would like a PC that when you pull the tablet it stays as a W8 tablet.. and the size??? well, I guess we will find a practical use for a tablet that size… :S

  • Robert Kegel

    I saw another picture that looked exactly like a Transformer but using Windows RT.  I wonder if this “bulky” one is a Windows 8 tablet?  That would make sense and be pretty cool.  Plus if it can go between Windows and Android thats just the icing on the cake!