A report from Engadget says that PC manufacturer Asus could be developing an 18-inch tablet for launch in 2013. Citing Federal Communication Commission documents that list a P1801-T model number, Engadget thinks it could be the finalized version of Asus’ Transformer AiO unveiled at Computex in June, 2012.

The P1801-T model number may provide a hint to the tablet’s screen size as the Asus’ Eee Slate EP121 was released as a 12-inch tablet. This may signify an 18-inch tablet, tying in with the Asus’ Transformer AiO.

Engadget writes:

As ASUS’ dual-OS prototype all-in-one is the only (sort of) tablet we’ve seen with roughly that many inches, we assume the company is getting paperwork done before a proper launch at CES 2013.

The most intriguing thing about the tablet, other than the large size is that the Transformer AiO shown at Computex could run two operating systems — Android and either Windows RT or Windows 8.

GLBenchmark provided additional clues by listing technical specifications for the P1801. The tablet will apparently run on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, but be powered by a Cortex A-9 processor, with Tegra3 graphics and a 1920 x 1032 display.


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Personally, an 18.1 inch tablet is a hard sell – I wonder who Asus is targeting this at. As are many Windows 8 hardware configurations, it seems to be in the “convertible” category, which to my mind (and the market) is neither fish nor fowl.

What do you think of the rumors, if true?

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