With the important shopping season now well behind us, news and views on how Windows 8 is doing is far and few between — analysts and company executives are probably taking a well-earned breather.

Asus is one of those companies that are betting big on Windows 8, having made some major investments in the platform, and releasing a number of devices designed to make the most of Microsoft’s newest operating system.

But as far as sales are concerned the company says that there is a definite room for improvement.

Chief Executive of Asus, Jerry Shen recently talked to ZDNet on Windows 8 acceptance levels:

“The acceptance of Windows 8 in Q4 has not been so good, but touch-based Windows 8 notebook acceptance is pretty good on our side. At this moment, for last year and this year, I believe Windows RT needs to take time to ramp up.”

Official numbers show that Asus has sold a total of 3 million tablets in the fourth quarter of 2012, but only 5 percent of the tablets the hardware vendor shipped were power by the Windows platform.

Even with a reported second quarter increase of 14 percent, Asus believes that it will be a while before Windows 8 takes off to the heights most industry analysts and market watchers were expecting it to.

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