Another one bites the proverbial dust. Windows RT, when announced, represented a bold new direction for Microsoft software on the ARM platform. The whole ordeal was greeted with great fanfare, and rightly so, as it opened up a whole new dimension for the Redmond based company.

Needless to say the response has been lukewarm at best — and plain unenthusiastic at worst.

Partners like Samsung, Acer and others jumped off the wagon at the first opportunity. Other large hardware vendors have also said they will avoid the operating system for now.

And now Asus has once again reiterated its plans of scaling back Windows RT products in favor of products that run the full version of Windows 8 — this practically leaves Dell as the only major Microsoft partner that still plans develop Windows RT tablets and devices.

Talking to AllThingsD, Asus chairman said that the company has not seen the response it expected from Windows RT devices like its VivoTab RT. Jonney Shih noted:

“The result is not very promising.”

The senior executive commented that users still enjoy traditional desktop apps, which are not available on Windows RT. Nevertheless, the company will not rule out Windows RT products completely in the future, even though it is shifting its focus towards Intel powered devices running Windows 8.

Shih also added that his company is evaluating its options in terms of tablet sizes, and the fact that there are programs to bring back the traditional Start Menu to Windows 8 exemplifies the mistakes Microsoft made when developing the newest version of Windows.

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  1. I love my vivotab RT – I truly hope the world starts to see how wrong they are about Rt and continue building more products.

  2. I love My VivoRT.

  3. Rodney Longoria / July 30, 2013 at 2:05 pm /Reply

    If Asus, Samsung, Acer and others actually did something with RT except for the “me too” way of doing things, it might have been worth doing. As it is, they offered the same-ol-same-ol. Yawn!

    I’m very interested in seeing what Microsoft does with the refresh of Surface RT and Surface Pro v2 coming out along side Windows 8.1. I hope it’ll be with the new Gorilla Glass 3 with their Native Damage Resistance, as well.

    And while we’re at it and since Microsoft is calling itself a Devices and Services company now, why don’t they make a killer device for Surface like the Dell Wireless Dock D5000 (albeit cheaper, of course)? Why not throw in wireless charging, too?

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