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Recently we reported that the Asus Taichi was receiving delays that would see It pushed into December. The reasons for the delays wasn’t really pointed out, but we knew that it was at least still coming.

Now we’ve learned just a bit more about the dual-screen Taichi, it is going to cost a small fortune. We previously believed that the Taichi would price around $1,299, but it turns out that unnamed sources now point to a more expensive $1,992 price point.

The news comes from Digitimes, which has a mixed record on rumors, so keep that in mind. Still, with dual-screens adding to the cost, this price increase wouldn’t shock me. The Digitimes story claims that yield rate and cost problems have occurred, which led not only to delays but required Asus to charge more for the unique laptop hybrid.

For now, most online retailers are still listing the Asus Taichi under the original $1,299 starting price, but that really doesn’t mean anything. The Asus Taichi was somewhat of a strange device to begin with, after who really needs a screen on your laptop’s lid? This pricing, if true, could pretty much make this laptop dead on arrival or at least relegate it to a very limited niche category at best.

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Hardware wise, the Taichi isn’t bad at all with a Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and an 128GB SSD for the entry model. That said, there is no world where I would pay near $2000 for a laptop running on Core i5 technology. Maybe that’s just me?

If all this is to be fully believed, the Asus Taichi will be sold at the new price for the first time at the IT Month Trade Show in Taiwan, this December. This falls in line with the believed delay of the laptop to December, but for now I’d take this all with a heavy heaping of salt.

What do you think, would you pay near $2000 for the Asus Taichi if this rumor is correct?

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