Not too long ago, Onuora Amobi reviewed the VivoTab RT for the site and found that it was a capable device, though he noted that the Windows RT limitations might be a turn off for some.

Now Asus has the VivoTab Smart, which is a 10.1-inch device with a 1366 x 768 resolution and the power of Windows 8 baked in.

The tablet has a dual-core Atom Z2760 an optional TranSleeve keyboard and is relatively thin and light as well. The tablet offers 178-degree wide viewing angles and has 5-point multi-touch. There is also a 2MP front shooter and Full HD back shooter.

As for battery life? The tablet is said to get around 9.5 hours on a single charge with the keyboard dock, though it is obviously much less without.

We don’t have word on the exact date the device will arrive in stores, but the most exciting part is that most of the web is claiming this device is being priced aggressively and should cost about the same as the Surface RT.

Considering the Surface RT uses Windows RT and the VivoTab Smart uses Windows 8– this is very good news. Having a $500-$600 tablet that works with most of your legacy apps and is still thin, light and capable of working as a laptop is almost a dream come true.

Expect to learn a lot more about the VivoTab Smart at CES. What do you think of this upcoming tablet? Interested or not?

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  • Arnold

    Impossible, never will happen

  • Ricardo Moura Rocha

    That’s the tablet I’ve been waiting for… That’s what the surface pro should’ve been…

  • waldi

    Look for Acer Iconia w510, is cheaper, thinner, longer battery life, and with win8 😉

  • Darren Kavin George

    I will consider – I need a Win 8 tablet to put in some serious work