AT&T Proclaims Nokia Lumia 920 is off to an Excellent Start

Windows Phone 8 is certainly picking up quite a bit of momentum so far. The Nokia Lumia 920 for AT&T is particularly doing great in the United States.

We are constantly hearing about how tight (or near non-existent) current supplies are for the Lumia 920 and although there have been a few small complaints, reception for the new phone has been largely positive.

We might not have specific numbers to go by, but AT&T has now officially stated that they have sold 6.4 million total smartphones in just two months. We don’t know what percentage of these phones are Lumia devices, but AT&T does state that Lumia phone are currently off to a great start.

According to AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega, AT&T is really excited about Windows Phone sales and that inventory is tight. For Nokia and Microsoft, this is a much needed mobile win.

That said, Windows Phone 7 enjoyed early success with Lumia devices as well but fizzled out in the long-term. Will this happen again? Doubtfully.

Windows Phone 7 did enjoy some brief hype at the beginning but it wasn’t nearly at the same level as Windows Phone 8. The Nokia Lumia 920 – by indications – is the best selling Nokia device we’ve seen in nearly ten years.

There is a reason that Microsoft has worked closely with Nokia with Windows Phone 8. There is also a reason why they haven’t just built their own Surface phone yet and left the vendors behind. Nokia might not be that popular in the United States, but it is a quality company that makes great hardware and has typically put together solid software and apps as well.

The road ahead for Windows Phone 8 and Nokia isn’t an easy one, but things are certainly starting to look bright for Microsoft’s newest mobile OS. What do you think of Windows Phone 8 and the Nokia Lumia line up so far?

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  • Willem

    Lumia 920 is a class phone. I started with a Lumia 800 which is also a classy phone, and moved to the 920 when it became available. The 920 is really classy. A large, clear and very responsive screen, a first rate OS, fantastic camera … I’m not surprised it’s selling well.