Microsoft’s Phone President Andy Lees showed off three AT&T-branded Windows Phone 7 (Mango) phones today.

This is an indication of some of the Windows Phones that will be coming out this holiday season.

AT&T’s HTC Titan

True to its name, the HTC Titan from AT&T has the biggest display of the bunch at 4.7 inches, which beats yesterday’s largest phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, by 0.05-inch.

According to the Window Phone Blog, it has a 9.9-mm profile, a 1.5 GHz processor under the hood, an 8-megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash (plus a front cam), and offers a brushed aluminum back with the curves (and build) that HTC phones are known for.

AT&T’s Samsung Focus S
The Samsung Focus S may be the middle child in AT&T’s WP7 portfolio but there is nothing middling about the phone.

It serves up Samsung’s specialty: a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, powered by a 1.4 GHz CPU that is capable of 4G speeds, along with a 8-megapixel rear and 1.3-megapixel front camera, in a svelte 8.55-millimeters package.

AT&T’s Samsung Focus Flash
It’s easier to differentiate the Samsung Focus S from the Focus Flash as the latter has a more modest 3.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, sharper lines and a slightly slower 1.4 GHz processor under the display.

It’ll likely be the most budget-friendly WP7 from AT&T so bargain hunters should keep their eye out on the Focus Flash rather than its flashier brothers.

AT&T has yet to announce a ship date or pricing for these phones.

Images from Windows Phone Blog.


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  • ECM2

    I used to hate smartphones but now that I am so fascinated with the HTC Titan (I have been using the first generation Titan for 6 weeks now) I feel the compulsion to write comments every time I get a chance (before I just ignored reviews and comments). So forgive me if you see the same comments over and over again. I think the HTC Titan (and WP7.5 phones in general) are underrated so I want to help consumers decide on the right phone by spreading the good news about the HTC Titan. I also feel bad for my iPhone/Android friends (and family members) who have been “hypnotized” by their phones and no longer have the ability to think “out of the box”. You don’t want to get stuck on another phone with a tiny screen (anything < 4.5" is tiny) for another two years… so consider the HTC Titan if you are due for an upgrade. No offense to all my friends (most with iPhones and Androids) but this phone is way better than any iPhone/Android out there (with posibble exception of the Samsung Galaxy Note android phone). I think of it as the iPhone and Android killer. Try it and I'm pretty sure you will not want to get another iPhone, unless perhaps the next iPhone has a 5-inch screen. This phone is fast, excellent for social networking, and because it's a Microsoft WP7.5, you can access files on the sky drive with Office Apps. Only weakness is absence of a Citrix Receiver and I hope they fix this asap. FYI HTC Titan II (same screen size as Titan I but with 4GLTE and 16MP camera) is going to be available from AT&T in a few weeks. I'm planning to upgrade my Titan I to Titan II (or get the Galaxy Note because I need the Citrix receiver badly) so my wife can change her Android phone to a Titan I (she does not need a Citrix receiver). In my opinion, the HTC Titan series should be the flagship of windows phone rather than Nokia, but Nokia Lumia 900 seems to be a nice alternative to the HTC Titan.