The Nokia Lumia 520 may be the most popular Windows Phone handset out there in the wild, but the remarkable Lumia 920 is not that far behind in that prestigious list.

In fact, according to the latest statistics, the device is the second most popular Windows Phone smartphone slightly ahead of another affordable device, the Lumia 620. And this is unsurprising when you consider it was around this time last year when the Lumia 920 went live.

But these are just market share numbers — users of the device are more interested in updates.

And while Nokia has already pushed its (codename) Amber update worldwide, AT&T customers were left out from the initial roll out. This is obviously the GDR2 update to the mobile operating system, which brings around a few notable goodies.

Anyway, the Lumia 920 owners that purchased their device via AT&T will have to wait a bit longer. A representative from the wireless network confirmed this on the official support forums:

“Thank you for your inquiries about the latest Windows Phone update for the Nokia Lumia 820/920. We are nearing the final stages of testing and expect the GDR2/Amber update to be available in the coming weeks. We believe you will enjoy the experience of the new software update and appreciate your patience.”

Obviously, coming weeks in this case could be anywhere from ten days to a month, maybe more.

But since no additional details have been provided on the exact release date of the update, users have no choice but to wait a little while longer.

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