August Windows Updates Can Result In A Horrible User Experience, Microsoft

The recently released August Windows Updates are causing a fair amount of trouble for those affected, and although Microsoft has promised a fix, the company has not yet detailed the problem.

It did however take the botched updates down.

A Microsoft support engineer, on the other hand, provided more details about these botched updates, along with the reason why the company decided to take them down. According to Kurt Philips, the company made some heavy changes to how fonts are handled.

And although there are some problems in how these updates are tested, Microsoft did not want users to suffer an awful user experience due to these BSOD problems:

“Everyone else – please be aware that the reason we pulled this patch was that IF you ran into the problem specified, it’s a horrible user experience. We made a fairly invasive change in font handling as part of a security patch and thought we had it tested properly, but there are definitely problems in our test coverage and design process that we need to address. We definitely have lessons to learn from this and we will.”

He further explains that some of the stories we have heard about Microsoft firing software testers and all that are exaggerated, while promising that that the company will improve the process of quality control for these updates.

Sounds good enough to me. Let’s hope for a fix soon.