Australian Company Orders 8,000 Chromebooks To Replace Windows PCs

Microsoft is facing a number of threats from all quarters, and recent steps like free licenses of Windows and Windows Phone for OEMs are a good way to combat some of them.

However, Chromebooks present a sustained danger, as these devices are steadily gaining traction.

In fact, one large company has just announced the purchase of a total of 8,000 Chrome OS devices, from several manufactures, to replace its Windows powered PCs across the globe. Australian supermarket chain, Woolworths.

Program director Deon Ludick had this to say:

“We’re about to roll out 8000 Chrome OS devices starting in the second half of the year. It’s to replace a large part of our PC desktop fleet with Chrome OS.”

One of the reasons cited for a move of this sorts is the increased security offered by Chromebooks, but then again, Windows 8 is no slouch when it comes to this either.

And I am rather sure, costs also had a large say in all of this.

However, Gartner research director Gunnar Berger believes security is one of the primary reasons here, and despite Microsoft’s best efforts, Chromebook adoption is actually on the rise:

“Organizations that have moved to more web-based applications may find this approach very attractive. It’s a compelling solution for an organization that may be aggressively moving off of Windows.”

Call it fate, but the fact that the advent of Windows 8 came around the same time as the retirement of Windows XP meant that this could be one of the causes of this Chromebook growth — these devices are no longer relegated to educational institutes now.

The operating systems space could not be more interesting.

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