Australian Organization Will Install Windows 8.1 Soon After Launch

Windows 8.1 will make its debut this fine Friday, and though the operating system is not yet officially here, consumer interest to upgrade to it is most definitely around.

End users and organizations around the globe are making (and have already made) plans to deploy Microsoft’s latest, and the Parramatta City Council is one such organization that has made its plans to install Windows 8.1 public.

According to this report over at ZDNet, the Australian authorities have announced that they would be installing Windows 8.1 on both laptops and tablets straight away. Desktop computers, on the other hand, are set to get the update in the coming weeks.

Parramatta City Lord Mayor John Chedid talked about this, saying:

“This announcement today signals the start of what we hope is an ongoing, long-term partnership with Microsoft that will not only improve our own internal efficiencies, but also lead to more positive community outcomes.”

In case you are wondering, the council currently has a total of around 750 employees, so Microsoft can be sure of seeing most of them on its latest operating platform soon after launch.

The software titan would be hoping for similar success stories in the months to come, as Redmond has made it known on multiple occasions that it has designed Windows 8.1 with customer feedback it received from core Windows 8 users squarely in mind.

Nevertheless, how the new operating system performs right off the gate should be evident very soon.

  • Rodney Longoria

    Wow! Interesting to see how that will work out.