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Microsoft could be an irrelevant force in the mobile market in just 4 years, says Gartner

It looks like Gartner has whipped out its crystal ball and is back with another prediction, this time that Microsoft could become irrelevant in the consumer OS market as early as 2017. According to Gartner’s Carolina Milanesi,

Dell talks a little about its future Windows tablet and PC plans for 2013

With Windows Blue just around the corner, Dell has now indicated that it is planning to refresh its Windows 8 lineup of PCs later this year, particularly when it comes to tablets. While I have stressed many,

Easy Recipe for Windows Blue Success: Sell a Surface Mini At-Cost

Microsoft’s Windows tablets aren’t runaway successes, there is no denying that. Sure, they are struggling with their identities and trying to build up their emerging ecosystem. Beyond that though, stale marketing just keeps customers from really getting

Windows Blue — What else do you hope to see?

We know quite a bit about what Windows Blue brings to the table, but I have to admit that it is what we don’t know that I’m most intrigued about. Specifically, how Windows Phone will be changed

7 and 8-inch Windows tablets need to focus on modest specs and pricing

In a recent post, our very own Fahid Ali reported on how Microsoft’s rumored Surface Mini tablet could potentially be arriving with quite a bit of ARM-based power under the hood in the form of the Nvidia

Several Windows RT Devices Getting Prices Slashed

Windows RT, is it doomed for failure? There are still quite a few critics that think so, and the new announcement of price cuts for many RT devices will likely only add additional fuel to that fire.

Yes, Windows Blue Will Be Called Windows 8.1 — Says Sources Reporting to ZDNET

While some of us have come to really like the sound of Windows Blue or even Windows 8 Blue, it has always been known that this is likely just a code-name and won’t be associated with the

HTC Planning a Windows Blue Tablet for Later This Year (Rumor)

Earlier I wrote about how I believed Microsoft should consider holding off on a Windows Blue 7 or 8-inch Surface Mini and instead rely on its partner, Nokia, to be the first to this space. If Nokia

Should Microsoft Create the Surface Mini, or Should They Work with Nokia Instead?

Recently we are continuing to hear more and more news that suggest Microsoft is hard at work on the Surface Mini, to debut right around the same time as Windows Blue (aka Windows 8.1). The latest word

Windows Phone 8 Hits Third Place in Smartphone Market, Says Kantar Report

Windows 8 might not be selling like hotcakes just yet, but its marketshare does continue to grow as time passes. This is even more true for its cellular brother, Windows Phone 8. While Windows Phone 7 had