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Google Chrome Coming to Windows 8

If you have been with Windows 8 since the day you could download the developer preview, you probably have been using the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10. If you’re like me, then you find it difficult

Windows 8 and Touch Screen PCs

So we all know that Windows 8 is more intuitive when used on a touch screen device like a tablet, (or phone?) but what about touch screen desktop PCs? I mean they are touch screen and they

How does SkyDrive work with Windows 8?

So an obvious change to computing, that you have most likely noticed in the past 2 years, is cloud computing. If you don’t know what cloud computing is (which you should if you’re using Windows 8 )

Review of the Refresh Feature in Windows 8

Before Windows 8, a lot of people would reinstall windows using a disk just to fix an annoying problem or to speed up the system. This was a complicated process that involved a lot of time and

PCWorld’s List of the Things You May Hate About Metro in Windows 8

As we all very well know, the biggest (and most noticeable) change to Windows in Windows 8, is the addition of the Metro user interface. Other than that, the only thing that consumers will notice is the

Windows 8 Devices May Top the new iPad 3 for Business Development

As many of you have probably already heard, the iPad 3 or “new iPad” (for lack of a given name as of yet) has been released. This announcement couldn’t have come at a more suspicious time for

Windows 8 Embedded Previewed

Now that Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 8 Server have been released to the public, Microsoft has decided that it is time to give a preview of Windows 8 for embedded systems (officially called Windows Embedded

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Your Mac

Parallels Desktop 7 is a popular Mac virtualization tool made by Parallels that can run operating system in a virtual environment much like VMWare Fusion (which announced support for Windows 8 Consumer  VMWare Player/Workstation for Windows. Today they

Big Expectations for Microsoft in 2012

So what happened this year for Microsoft? Well let’s see… More rumors about Windows 8 were swirling around and they were really just rumors until they released a preview video previewing the Metro user interface for Windows

Report Says That Traditional PC Users are Unlikely to Adopt Windows 8

Research firm IDC is not expecting there to be many upgrades to Windows 8 in the coming years. They think that not a lot of people will want to upgrade to Windows 8 because it isn’t traditional