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New Privacy Features In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Just like the Creators Update before it, the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 brings with it notable improvements to privacy, which Microsoft has now very elaborately detailed. As highlighted, there are a couple of different big

Microsoft Still Mum On ARM64 Support For UWP

Silence. Microsoft still has not confirmed that support for ARM64 is coming to the Windows 10 SDK, for the UWP apps, even as Windows on ARM based PCs are just a few months away. As the company,

Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality Headset Preorders Open

We’re getting closer! Preorders for the Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality headset, which was made official at IFA this year, are now open. Both as a standalone device, and a bundle. Microsoft has already confirmed that these

How To Disable Ad Tracking In Windows 10

Privacy conscious? Want to disable ad tracking? Then read on. Windows 10 uses the advertising ID feature that gathers data from your app usage to serve relevant and more interesting ads. Instead of, you know, regular, run

How To Receive Notifications For USB Issues In Windows 10

USB issues are the worst! It takes an awful lot of time and trouble to correct any problems that Windows develops with USB flash drives and external storage, if at all. Luckily, the operating system now has

How To Change The Touchpad Sensitivity In Windows 10

Touchpads are sensitive things to start with. But Windows 10 allows you to modify their responsiveness by changing their sensitivity setting according to your preference. Not all laptops have this option, but more modern ones do, depending

How To Switch The Primary Mouse Button In Windows 10

Left or right, that be the question! In Windows, you can easily select the primary mouse button of your mouse to be either left or right. The primary button is used for functions like selecting and dragging.

How To Turn Autocorrect On Or Off In Windows 10

We live in interesting times. Times where autocorrect is now actually a word! But if you somehow misspell it, Windows 10 can automatically fix it for you on the fly, provided you have the option enabled. Part

Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Creators Update Stuttering Issues

Took them a while, but Microsoft has official confirmed that the Windows 10 Creators Update introduced stuttering issues when playing video games. The company is now working on a fix, which is actually available in the latest

You Can Now Install Windows Store Apps On Up To 2,000 Devices

But will you? In a move that is sure to please end users, and may upset developers, Microsoft has quietly raised the Windows Store device limit to 2,000. Which basically means unlimited. This will make life easier