Eliza Chang


Microsoft Produced Fewer Tablets This Time Around, Analyst Thinks

The big news at the moment seems to be the fact that the various varieties of the Surface tablets are sold at a number of…


Qualcomm Is The Second Most Dominant Mobile Processor Maker, Intel Third

When it comes to tablet processors, there are the chips that power the iPads, and then there are other competing solutions from a number of…


Study Shows Many Windows XP Users Are Not Upgrading Due To Budget Concerns

There are some things in technology that are common sense. One can appraise some situations easily without scientific studies, but surveys do help in bringing…


Microsoft Studios Busy Bringing A Beloved Franchise To Windows 8

A lot has been said about Microsoft and PC gaming, and not all of it is positive. But now the company wants to return to…


Samsung Preparing Four New Tablets For Early 2014, Windows Dual Boot Rumored

Samsung, one of the biggest names in computing and technology is ready to unleash its tablet assault early next year. It seems like it is…


BUILD 2014 Dates Leaked, Windows 8.1 Spring GDR Update May Launch In April

Accidents happen. Even in the technology world accidents happen. But not that many are as splendid in their wonder as the recently leaked BUILD 2014…


Surface Tablets Get A Large Firmware Update This Month

Alongside the Patch Tuesday rollout, Microsoft has also released a large new firmware update for its Surface lineup of tablets. These fix many of the…


Microsoft Stock Has Been The Highest It Has Been For 13 Years

It is remarkable, the sort of effects a promise of change has on people. Sure, it is just the stock market, speculation and all, but…


Asus Transformer Book Trio To Hit US Shores Soon

Asus really has something going with the Transformer Book Trio, the 3-in-1 hybrid that has recently launched in a number of markets across the globe….


Symantec Provides More Detail On The Critical Windows XP 0-Day Security Flaw

While Microsoft is still investigating a recently reported flaw in Windows XP, security firm Symantec has put up more information on this vulnerability and which…