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Nokia Offers The Public Beta Of Its Camera App To All Windows Phone 8 Lumia Sets

There was a moment in time, before the iPhone was made official, when Samsung offered the best camera quality on cell phones. All that changed in recent years, as Nokia put the emphasis on imaging in its

Non-Touchscreen Laptops Expected To Make A Comeback In 2014

While many a forecasts claimed that touchscreen laptops will come into their own this year, and chart up a reasonable market share worldwide, it seems PC makers are adopting a notably less aggressive strategy for 2014. The

Social Apps On The Windows Store Have The Highest Ratio Of Downloads

Aristotle may have said that man by nature is a social animal, but Microsoft is here to prove it. The Windows Store is growing bigger by the hour, it seems, as more and more users flock to

The United States DOJ Also Approves The Microsoft Nokia Deal

Another milestone achieved. Microsoft is now closer than ever to finalizing its buyout of Nokia’s mobile devices and services unit after getting approval from another important regulatory body. The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has green

Windows Phone To Support Apps On MicroSD Cards Next Year

Microsoft is busily and hurriedly adding new features in Windows Phone, some of which have already floated up in rumors and hearsay. Redmond now has a policy of staying quiet on future enhancements, after all, so this

Microsoft Ready To Construct A Massive New Headquarter In Germany

China is apparently not the only market Microsoft is looking to aggressively expand its business. The Redmond based technology titan has big plans for Europe too. And to bring them to fruition, the company is ready to

Microsoft Is Preparing A Fix For The Surface 2 Overheating Problem

With the second generation Surface slates full and well out in the wild, Microsoft is gathering valuable data on any problems or issues that users report. The company has already found a couple. And another one that

HP Believes Hybrid PCs Hold The Key This Holiday Season

HP may be the biggest, or one of the biggest names in PC hardware, but like most PC hardware companies, it was found ball watching in the intense game of mobile devices. The assault from increasingly powerful

Toshiba Releases Its Dynabook Tab VT484 8-Inch Windows Tablet

Toshiba has been on a bit of a roll lately. The company has been busy ever since major development work on Windows 8.1 was complete, and has regularly revealed its new hardware products since then, from tablets,

Tablets To Make Up To 50% Of The Market In 2014, Microsoft Needs To Act Fast

That Microsoft is readying up to merge its Windows RT and Windows Phone platforms is no secret. The company has tried to not keep it as such, with various Redmond officials talking about such unification. In fact,