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The Windows Store Crosses The 140,000 Apps Milestone Just In Time For Christmas

It may be a season of giving, but the Windows Store is in the mode to take. Microsoft’s apps repository now houses more than 140,000 apps, just a day before Christmas. Statistics provided by the third-party source

Verizon Reportedly Delays The Lumia 929, Set For An Early 2014 Launch

If you are a Verizon customer and a Windows Phone fan and were looking to buy the Lumia 929 you may actually have a rather long wait on your hands. The smartphone has been delayed to early

Nokia Lumia 2020, Codenamed Illusionist, Reportedly Cancelled

One recourse, I suppose lies in the irony. Nokia fans that were anticipatively expecting more details on the company’s small form factor Windows tablet will be majorly disappointed by what follows. Word is that that the company

HP Launches New Website To Help Users Make The Transition To Windows 8.1

Windows 8, when it launched, was greeted with equal amounts of surprise and concern. While technology savvy users had no trouble in quickly discovering the new OS, a lot of users were left a little uneasy by

Microsoft May Completely Redesign The UI In Windows Phone 9, Says New Rumor

While Microsoft’s plans for Windows 9 could potentially take any direction, what with the announcement of Windows Threshold, development on Windows Phone 9, it seems, is coming along as originally planned. Word is that along with Windows

Microsoft Joins Campaign To Restrict Government Surveillance

Strike it while the iron is hot. In line with the popular saying, Microsoft has taken some very aggressive stances all through the year, and none more so than on the government surveillance programs. Leaked documents by

Paul Maritz Has No Plans To Take Up Microsoft CEO Role, Says He Is Too Old

A number of names that are expected to take over the reins from outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer once he retires have recently floated up. These range from current business leaders, to company internals, and even former Microsoft

Microsoft Preparing Several Critical Updates For Patch Tuesday Next Week

The security folks over at Redmond have posted details of the final Patch Tuesday update cycle for the year. The December 2013 Patch Tuesday brings with it a number of fixes rated Critical and Important. The Advanced

Iconia W4 Tablet Gets Priced, On Track For January 2014 Launch

Acer tried to pull a fast one earlier this year when it became the first vendor to launch an 8-inch Windows powered tablet. However it skimped on hardware features, leading to the Iconia W3 getting some bad

Automate And Speed Up Your Software Installations With OneClick! Installer 3

Few would disagree that installing software is the most unexciting part of the computing experience. And it gets even more tiresome if you have to go through a monotonous and repetitive routine. This holds particularly true in